Odd Job - San Francisco, CA

It takes a lot for me to want to walk far from work to get a drink. I have access to everything you could ask for and I could often ask someone to bring it to me if I wanted. But, I should leave my office and workplace every so often. It'd be good for me. By this blog and the thousands of pictures that are my phone just waiting to be added here tells me I'm not that deprived. I was happy to try somewhere near the office and go with a few on my staff. Odd Job is located at 1337 Mission Street between 9th and 10th Street, just like DW. It is so convenient, we went twice in three days.

The first time, we went to Odd Job was with some ladies after their shift. We went to SRO (Standing Room Only) which will be on your left after you get carded at the door. The room has two tall cocktail tables, a small bar, a chandelier, drapery on the ceiling, glassware that you would think to find at Goodwill or an antique shop in the mountains and a liquors I have never heard of before. Aaron, the Bartender, liked that I noticed.

SRO does not have a cocktail menu. The cocktail that is made specifically for you is based on what you want to share with Aaron. I went first as I had some things on my mind that day that I didn't like dealing with. Aaron and the girls heard me out. Aaron immediately began creating my cocktail and stated that I needed clarity. YES! I do! My cocktail was not clear but tasty and before it was placed in front of me, a path of dried pieces of flower petals were sprinkled in my direction. And it was delicious.

Jewelry by Stella & Dot
We called Rachel's drink Dreamy Vacation, Nicky's Life in General and Nicole's More Bourbon Less Bullshit. Cocktails in SRO are $16, cash only. Don't forget to tip your bartender!

The bar has a few booths, lounge and bar seating and had a DJ play when we were there a second time on a Friday night. Their bathrooms are unisex with fun artwork on the doors and a photo booth on the way there. Photos will not print but may be shared by the bar via their social media accounts. We had some fun taking some silly pics.

Thanks, Odd Job, for being so conveniently located, friendly and have some talent behind the bar. I'm sure we'll be back.


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