Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve with Anjelah Johnson

Last year, we stayed in watching LOST on Netflix and watching Toby for Julia as she and her siblings went out to a club in San Francisco. She ended up coming home that night instead of staying out in the hotel. I guess the club scene isn't all that's cracked up to be. I'm not into it anymore but I do have desire to go dancing every now and then. Anyways, last year we decided to stay in to save money as we had a big financial responsibility we wanted to be prepared for: Our First Home. We were packing and moving in the first week of February. Spending $50+ per person just for cover just to be surrounded by a drunk fest of people didn't sound appealing to us.

This year, we're not going CRAZY but at least we are going to be out of the house and we're headed to Tommy T's in Pleasanton, CA to see San Jose-native, Anjelah Johnson. She's best known for her Bon Qui Qui character. I hope DB will find her funny. He'll at least think she's pretty. I've seen a lot of her videos on so I hope there will be some new material I haven't seen. The last time we were there I met Too $hort.

How cool it was to also see him on the latest season of Love Games.

Happy New Year to all! What are your plans? Whatever they are, please do not drink and drive. It's really not worth it.

To 2012!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Got Stung - Elvis Presley

I have always been a fan of Elvis Presley since my Auntie Annie had every inch of her room covered in Elvis photos and memorabilia. I only caught a few sneak peeks of her room in the family house in San Francisco. I wasn't even 10-years-old when she gave me her hard cover book of Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley. I read it back then, re-read it a few years later and will probably do so again. I don't recall if anyone in grade school made fun of me for bringing a book about Elvis to school to read but apparently if they did, I didn't care enough to remember.

My aunt also gave my sister a whole lot of her clippings she has collected over the years of Elvis. I remember going through them and one stuck out in my mind with a headline that read along the lines of "The Last Photo of The King". It was a profile shot of him laying in his casket. He passed on August 17, 1977 at only 42-years-old.

My sister also bought a cassette tape of his songs at Kmart and being that we shared a room, what she listened to, I had to listen to. And to this day, I owe it to my sister for exposing me to some great music such as Elvis, along with Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica and even some old school rap (back when rap was good). We also owned a VHS copy and rewatched several times the miniseries based on Priscilla Presley's book "Elvis and Me". I loved it. We could quote the movie with no problem. I looked last night for a DVD copy of the film and I can't find it anywhere. If anyone has it, I would love to have a copy of it.

With all the music on my iPhone and saved on my external hard drive, I was really surprised that I didn't have more than just "Always on My Mind"
, which is clearly about Priscilla, the only woman he married. I downloaded a Top Ten album which oddly enough had more than ten songs but whatever... I made sure it had as many songs on it that I can remember that was on the cassette tape my sister used to play. For the past week, it has been on repeat and I just can't get enough of The King. Not only is he super, uber gorgeous, I really do enjoy his music, am intrigued by his life, Priscilla's strength and how she continues to keep his legacy alive. It is a shame that he had to pass and I was born three years after he passed. If I was of age and he was still performing, I think I'd be as crazy as those girls in videos crying, just trying to touch him.

The closest thing I had to being at a performance was seeing Viva Elvis at the Aria in Las Vegas, Nevada. I remember making my Christmas list in 2008 of what I wanted and tickets to see this show was on it. I didn't get it but in November of 2010, when DB was umpiring for Thanksgiving weekend, I bought my $80 ticket to see it by myself. I was told to make sure you get one of the goodies at the end of the show... I didn't. If you go, watch for something that falls from the ceiling.
The Aria

Taking Care of Business, Baby

The show was great but it was not as spectacular at "O". It was really the closest thing to being at an Elvis show. His voice was as loud and clear as I would ever hear it...

This posting originally started to just post this song, "I Got Stung". I recently heard it again on the album I just purchased and thought, how appropriate for a Busy B like myself. Give it a listen, it's a fun song.

One day, I'll go to Graceland and Tupelo, Mississippi. It's on my bucket list.

I picked up a hardcover of "Last Train to Memphis" by Peter Guralnick when I was in Los Angeles at the Los Lonely Boys show at the Grammy Museum on March 25, 2011. I read last night on some website that it's the only biography that Priscilla Presley approves of. I shall continue reading it.

Are you an Elvis fan?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Foster a Hard-To-Place Dog & My Family Pets

This just breaks my heart. Please read: Christmas letter from a "hard to place" foster dog

Among trying to reach my goal of making 20 little girls in need smile with a Stella & Dot gift (which I am no where close to reaching, sadly enough), animals have always been close to my heart. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger but learning how much schooling and funds were needed to get there, plus the many difficult instances of losing an animal, it was just too much.

The death of our family cat, Ali, of 22 years, happened when I was a freshman in high school. My mom had Ali before my sister was even born, I believe. She never de-clawed him and he would scratch the hell out of my legs when he leap off my lap in a hurry. We had to put him down because he had some sort of leukemia and he wasn't doing very well. He spent his last night with us in my bed. It was so hard to say goodbye to him in that Concord vet hospital on Clayton Road. I remember which cage he was in, how skinny he was and afterwards sitting in the truck with my mom and sister just crying.

Even before having to put Ali down, we had an Akita-German Shepard mixed dog named Scorpio. He was nicknamed Scorpi and named after my mother's horoscope sign. We had him since he was a puppy. We purchased two other dogs at the same time but Scorpi lasted the longest with us. We had a house in Fairfield on Rockville Road with a long, down-sloping driveway. Scorps was so playful and as young kids, he just got too big to play with. All he'd do was jump on us. When my sister and I would have to catch the bus, we'd have to run down the down the driveway and hide behind the garbage cans so he wouldn't get us dirty for school. My parents ended up going through a divorce and we had to move from the big house in Fairfield, to a house in Vallejo, to a renting a smaller house also in Vallejo. This house didn't accept dogs. My mother thought Scorpi would survive just fine 'in the wild' if we didn't take him to the pound. At that time, I believe he was over 3-years-old and she said that no one would want him. So after our house was packed, my mother had my sister (probably at 12-years-old) take Scorpi to a nearby park (Borges Ranch Park) at night as we followed in the car, unleash him and leave him as we took off in the car. Horrible, right??? I wasn't even doing the act and I couldn't imagine what my sister was feeling but I do remember us crying all the way to our rental. A place he couldn't be.

I'm not sure if my mother received a call from the new residents or the Realtor of our home in Vallejo, but Scorpi found his way back to our house and chilled on the driveway. We went to go check it out and there he was, laying in the driveway. We couldn't take it anymore and we called his name and he jumped right into the car. We took him home to our house on Georgia Street. He was in the backyard for awhile. I am not sure how long we lived in that house with him but eventually we had to move again. This time to an apartment. We couldn't take him to a park again. We had to take him to the pound - or what is appropriately called The Solano County Animal Shelter. We drove him to Fairfield. My cousin now lives down the street from this facility, so Scorps is well thought of. I could still vividly remember the last time I saw his long brown and black coat and huge bushy tail, being transported from one building to another with a stranger. It brings tears to my eyes. If I could somehow find out if he was adopted, I would love to thank the people that did. He was such a lover and I miss him.

For the longest time, I told myself that I can't have any animals. It's just too hard. And then I ended up dating a Veterinary Technician who gave me Katarina, aka MamaGirls,

and then my fiance who kept asking and asking for a dog: my Puppy Love, Bevo.

Bevo is my baby. I can't stand being away from him for more than a day or him being at home by himself for more than 10 hours.

I actually asked my fiance if we could foster a dog over the winter break that I have off next week. I want to help a lonely pup, Bevo could definitely use some play time with another dog as I haven't been successful making him doggie friends for play dates and it's too darn cold at the dog park right now. But the fiance declined. He's been asking for another dog but he wants another pure-bred. And a bigger dog, like a Boxer or Great Dane. Bevo pulls me down the street as it is at 29 pounds. I don't think I can handle a bigger dog than Beeves. I want to be like my sister and adopt our next one. I'd have to work on that with the man of the house.

If you can consider adoption versus breeders, there are some needy, adorable animals out there that could use your love and attention. If you can consider adopting a hard-to-place dog, you would have a wonderful heart. When we first adopted Bevo, we thought he was deaf. We were considering taking him to a specialist in Davis, CA to confirm. After awhile, what did it matter? We already fell in love with him. If he was going to be deaf, so what? He'd be our deaf puppy love.

Would you adopt a deaf puppy or would you return him?
Would you adopt at all?

Some links to find your next furry, family member:
Berkeley East Bay Humane Society
Homeless Animals Response Program (H.A.R.P.)
Northern California Pet Adoption

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

90% of Stylists Have Children

I came across this posting on Twitter today and it got me thinking after having a phone conversation with Christy last night. All the while in the drive-thru line at In & Out Burger (I'm bad, I know!), devouring the burger on my 5-minute drive home, having a few bites of fries when I got home (animal style, not recommended), walking the Beeves in the cold, cleaning Mamas' litter box, taking out the trash and wrapping DB' presents and a surprise Stella & Dot gift a friend is giving his wife. As mentioned in yesterday's post, Christy is a hard-working new mom. DB and I joke around that I'll someday be that house wife, that I can quit my job now if I wanted to but knowing me, I need to work and contribute a little bit financially to my household. This article says it is best to have a working mom. Even part-time.

Fit Pregnancy Magazine: A Job Is Better For Mom's Health
Posted today, December 14, 2011

A previous study put a $122,732 annual price tag on the work that moms do at home. Wow! If only most housewives were paid that much! In reality, they don't. My goal as being an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot is to still have that satisfaction of working from home while taking care of my child. My child is going to be my whole world, but I know I am going to need some ME time, adult conversations (as Christy very-much appreciated this Sunday) and have a reason to NOT put on sweats that day and dress up and rock the Bamboleo ($228) at the supermarket. Oh trust me, I'll do it!

And like so many Stylists have posted, they have booked Trunk Shows in the most unusual circumstances.

I welcome anyone that wants to join my team and become a Stylist with Stella & Dot. Check out these stats!
.5% of the adult women in North America has been serviced by Stella & Dot – GROWTH POTENTIAL
10-15% are full time Stylists
34% of people attend a trunk show when they can
60% of Stylists have other careers
70% of Stylists thought they could never own their own company
90% of Stylists have children

Do you work?
Do you work from home?
Do you wish you could work from home?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My How Time Flies

I am at a different time of life, for sure. My nephew is now 5.5-years-old, I have had two close friends and a cousin give birth this past summer, I have a home of my own, plans to be wed, honeymoon plans are in the works and by next Christmas, I will be pregnant myself.
Christmas 2008

I spent some time this weekend with my Maid of Honor and her 4-month-old son, who I call my nephew. She has no biological siblings and she's been my rock though so much in my life. I want nothing more than for her to be happy and for her son to truly think of me as Auntie. We've been friends for over five years but man, a lot sure does happen in half a decade. She's a fantastic mommy and I am happy to see her in a good relationship, extremely happy, possibly up for a promotion and has a partner that works things out well as a couple. I just heard this weekend that they plan on having baby #2 next year. Perhaps we will be pregnant at the same time!

I brought along a mutual friend, the one that actually I wouldn't have met my Maid of Honor if I hadn't hired her, Julia. This was her first time meeting Baby Nathaneal, which was long overdue. Julia and I have had our ups and downs, periods of time not speaking and honestly it's a possibility that this is the case because because we are alike to a degree. It's been a year since we started talking again and through casual days of hanging out and email, I am still learning new things about her.

It wasn't until we were all in the same room together, plus another couple that we caught on their way out, that I realized just how much time has passed. Julia brought up that fun holiday party of 2006 where we were having fun with Fruit Roll tattoos and rolling them up and putting them in Smirnoff Ice Black bottles. They tasted pretty darn good. Julia also mentioned Christy's birthday party that I don't remember being at, things I didn't know she didn't like to eat... I can't recall having a recent reminiscing conversation with Christy. It's all about current events. Regardless, we were all different people at that time, our relationships with each other were different, we were in different relationships, working different jobs... It's just kind of crazy how much life happens that strengthens a relationship, or to not even realize it's dissolving or to make a conscious choice that you can't put anymore effort into maintaining it.

Christy, my Maid of Honor, is headed in the right direction and is the happiest I've ever seen her. Julia is happy as well, and finally with a guy that's older than her who wants the same things she has always wanted. Who knows where we'll be in another five years? Still friends? Moreso acquaintances? I get that life happens, priorities shift and you just never know. But I have an inkling...

Here's to some great times, great memories and lessons learned.

Union City, California

Fremont, California

Free 'After The Rain' Brooch

On top of my last posting of amazing December offers, this was just announced! Purchase the La Coco Clutch in black or metallic for $148 and get the After The Rain brooch in Gold that you can clip onto the clutch for FREE! It's a $44 value and completes the clutch. The lucky person receiving this clutch can use it with or without the After the Rain brooch, or clip on a family heirloom to change it up. You can also use this brooch on the La Coco chains also pictured above, to hold together a scarf, on your label or blouse! There are so many ways to use a brooch. Get creative!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lots to Offer in December!

It is the time of giving. Many of my family and friends have adopted a family or a senior citizen this season and is making their holidays a whole lot warmer. A friend I recently reconnected with from middle school, Christina Vela in Stockton, CA, is a Mary Kay Consultant and she is trying to get folks to buy a wrapped Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Legs & Feet, with socks and mint chocolate candies for $20 to be given to as many residents at a Senior Center in her community. Please help her make sure no one gets left out by contacting her at or making a purchase at her Mary Kay web site. Thanks, Christina! You are truly touching and making a difference in people's lives.

For the animal lovers out there like me, Pet Food Express is offering 20% off any Kong toys to be donated to a foster pet or a local shelter. Animals unselfishly give us love. What a difference a toy makes to ease some stress for an animal waiting for a permanent, loving home and encourage well-being and mobility. Pet Food Express' corporate offices are located in Oakland, CA and have locations throughout the Bay Area and in Sacramento. I continue to urge you to buy and support local and small businesses.

As for myself and Stella & Dot, who have an ongoing relationship with BuildOn, we are hoping to give a little girl in need of a gift. With every purchase of the pieces below made now through December 22nd, the exact item will be given to a girl in need this holiday. These pieces start at $9 and go up to $29. Buy one for your daughter, niece, or star student, and a child lacking structured education, clean water or heat will get the same piece to treasure.

I love putting smiles on grown women's faces. I would love to sell at least 20 pieces and make 20 little girls across the globe smile.

Will you help me?

Goal: 20 Little Girl Pieces
Need: 19 more!

Keep up to date with my progress at OR on Twitter @bappletree

IN ADDITION, there are SOOO many great Stella & Dot deals!
- Pieces have been added to the Sale section. Get items at 25% off. Once these items are gone, they are gone! We are making room for the Spring/Summer 2012 releasing in January.
- Now through December 15th, all zodiac charms are 20% off! A great, personalized gift for the holidays.
- December Limited Edition pieces are open to the public. Not just for our Style Society members. Get one-of-a-kind pieces for those dear to you.
- And for our hostess who hosts a qualified trunk show ($500 in sales and 4 unique orders) on December 22nd through January 31, 2012, she'll get an extra $50 in store credit to use on their next purchase.
Did I mention that our new line comes out in January? Specifically, early January? Book a trunk show with me now and be one of the first hostesses to get the latest and greatest pieces at your party!

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Imagine if you won this
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I transferred my contacts to MailChimp and will hope to produce a great monthly newsletter for my Stella & Dot mailing list subscribers, customers and former hostesses. I just Tweeted that the first 10 people to sign up will get $10 off their Stella & Dot order in the month of December. Sign up here! I promise that your information will not be shared or sold to any third parties.

The popular Stackable Deco Rings, available in sizes 5-9 and only $49.

Onda Road to a Ticket

My favorite band, Los Lonely Boys kept me company this morning as I got ready for work, and on my hour-long commute to work. On their latest album, Rockpango, their Deluxe Edition has a long track of them jammin' and messin' around called 'Outtakes'. You know you're a fan when you have this memorized and it still makes you laugh. They do impressions from Alejandro Escovedo, Van Halen, Elvis Presley, Beyonce, and you can tell they're just having a good time. I have had the pleasure of sitting in on something like these sessions and during sound checks and you can't help but laugh. They're so hilarious it'll make your abs sore the next day.

Obviously I have all of their albums so I put their songs on shuffle on my iPhone while on my way to work and I realized 40 minutes into my commute that I was going 85 mph in a 65 mph zone. I was singing "Road to Nowhere". Here they are performing it at Chukchansi Casino earlier this year. Enjoy!

The Boys are coming to Northern California again in February of 2012. Go to Ticketmaster and purchase your tickets now! Be sure to look for Onda By The Bay, the NorCal La Onda Street Team for LLB for some swag to take home with you!

- Napa, CA 2/10/12
- Stateline, NV 2/11/12
- CSU Chico, CA 2/22/12
- Campbell, CA 2/24/12

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love Games 3 - Initial Thoughts

I think this season will be interesting. From my post yesterday, I was rooting for Kori. I thought she was a little spitfire in Season 6 of the Bad Girls Club. She turned out to be the first HBIC for sending the most appealing text. It feels she's stepping up her game to take advantage of the business opportunity that comes along with being on reality TV and she wants to win the game, but possibly like Lea from Season 5 in Miami and the winner of Season 2's Love Games, the winning relationship didn't even last til the airing of the show. That's a shame because Robert seemed like a sweetheart. Kori already kissed 3 guys on her first 'date', talked a little smack, all while Sydney is only spotted kissing one person. While crazy Judi from New Orlean's Season 7, she's already getting crazy with her purse always at her side.

After the first episode, I am rooting for Sydney. She left Season 6, wasn't loyal to her boyfriend and is bisexual. When asked by "John", I believe, if she was ready to commit, her reply was "I am now." Then it cut to Judi. Sydney could have elaborated but we'll never know if she truly is (thanks, Editing). Her solo footage of explanations with her pony tail to the side and little to no make-up is how I like her best. She has a natural cuteness that I think tromps over Kori's blonde hair, fake boobs and self-proclaimed 'hot body.' I have never been a fan of cockiness. That's cockiness and it's not attractive in my opinion.

Judi's too much for me. I think it's pretty much going to be the same stuff from her that we saw on Season 7 of the BGC. Drunkenness, apologies, and no positive changes.

But these are initial thoughts and who the hell am I, right??? Like anything you're exposed to over time, your opinion could change and people can surprise you. Let's hope for the best for these girls that put their personal lives on screen for our entertainment to be judged, ridiculed, and adored.

What did you think of the first episode?
Who are you rooting for now?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Love Games - Season 3 Tonight

Love Games 3 premieres tonight!

This season's cast is Sydney and Kori from Season 6 and Judi from Season 7 of The Bad Girls Club. Tune into Oxygen tonight for the season premiere.

I'm rooting for Kori. What about you and WHY?

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ah man, do I regret not taking my BioLean more regularly. Like anything else, I got a little too comfortable with it. I haven't been sick in almost a year and a half and that is a record for me. I would forget to take it in the morning, I'd forget to restock my supply at work, or I would just say that "Oh, I'll take it when I get home."

Nope. Too late. Too much procrastinating and I got sick. I had a headache all day at work this past Monday and refused to take anything for it until late afternoon. I took some Advil. I got home around 8 pm, walked Bevo in the cold and immediately came back to the house sneezing my head off. I made my last plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, continued to sneeze while watching one of my new favorite shows, Pan-Am,

with DB and kept denying "I'm NOT sick!" I was but it's been so long. How could it be?

I had a hard time sleeping, texting my clerk saying I think I'm sick to ensure she'll be at the office tomorrow morning. But I took some Non-Drowsy Sudafed nonetheless. I was tempted to stay home and give into the cold but I didn't, still in denial, packing the Sudafed. I left the house at 9 AM, got to Oakland and had a hard time breathing. Non-Drowsy, my butt! I texted her saying I'm going to sleep it off in my car. I HAD to be at work as a client was coming in to get something notarized and I had to be there to perform it. I went into the office at 11 AM, found out that the appointment wasn't going to be until 3:30 PM. Around 2:30 pm, I returned to my car to sleep some more.

3:15 pm. Time to wake up. Performed notarization. I was going to head home after that but by the time I was done, there would be so much traffic on the way home I decided to wait it out. I went home and headed straight to bed.

Now, Thursday afternoon. My nose is sore from blowing it, my sinuses are much more clear, headache and dizziness still remain and now my throat is sore. Back on BioLean and have learned my lesson. I do plan on going to work tomorrow and to attend tomorrow's Ladies Night Out at Little Miss Everything in Brentwood.

220 Oak Street
Brentwood, California
Friday, December 2nd

Hope to see you there! Here's more info.