Love Games 3 - Initial Thoughts

I think this season will be interesting. From my post yesterday, I was rooting for Kori. I thought she was a little spitfire in Season 6 of the Bad Girls Club. She turned out to be the first HBIC for sending the most appealing text. It feels she's stepping up her game to take advantage of the business opportunity that comes along with being on reality TV and she wants to win the game, but possibly like Lea from Season 5 in Miami and the winner of Season 2's Love Games, the winning relationship didn't even last til the airing of the show. That's a shame because Robert seemed like a sweetheart. Kori already kissed 3 guys on her first 'date', talked a little smack, all while Sydney is only spotted kissing one person. While crazy Judi from New Orlean's Season 7, she's already getting crazy with her purse always at her side.

After the first episode, I am rooting for Sydney. She left Season 6, wasn't loyal to her boyfriend and is bisexual. When asked by "John", I believe, if she was ready to commit, her reply was "I am now." Then it cut to Judi. Sydney could have elaborated but we'll never know if she truly is (thanks, Editing). Her solo footage of explanations with her pony tail to the side and little to no make-up is how I like her best. She has a natural cuteness that I think tromps over Kori's blonde hair, fake boobs and self-proclaimed 'hot body.' I have never been a fan of cockiness. That's cockiness and it's not attractive in my opinion.

Judi's too much for me. I think it's pretty much going to be the same stuff from her that we saw on Season 7 of the BGC. Drunkenness, apologies, and no positive changes.

But these are initial thoughts and who the hell am I, right??? Like anything you're exposed to over time, your opinion could change and people can surprise you. Let's hope for the best for these girls that put their personal lives on screen for our entertainment to be judged, ridiculed, and adored.

What did you think of the first episode?
Who are you rooting for now?


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