Friday, January 28, 2011

My Girl, Lauren Tarantino - LA, August 13, 2010

I met this sweet girl while working together at The Bridges Golf Course in San Ramon. We both worked in the restaurant and we immediately got along even though there was a slight age difference. I believe I was 23 and she was still using a fake ID. We'd eat our lunches together after our shifts on the balcony, hyperventilate from laughing so much, and go out clubbing in Walnut Creek and San Francisco. She was all about having a good time but she was a sweetheart as well. Definitely a beauty and talented. Not only was she able to tear it up on the dance floor, she writes her own songs and sings.

The first time I heard her sing was at the Pleasanton Hilton during the summer where her father performed out on the deck. About a hundred people came out after work on a weekday and danced til the sun went down. I asked her if she was going to sing and I was blown away when she got up there.

She eventually moved down to Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. Every time I go down there, I try to see her. I stayed with her during one visit and then last year, on my way to my family reunion, I met up with Sarah and we went to see her at Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles. I always get the FB invites to her shows but am bummed I can't make them.

She's been a very good friend although we don't talk much but it's always still so good to see her smiling face. Go check out my girl, Lauren Tarantino.

Best Mistake

Coming Back to Life

Go out an support my girl! Don't be part of the bandwagon, be part of the movement!

What local artists have you discovered at open mics and karaoke bars or state fairs?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, Bicyclists, Oh, Bicyclists

Listen, I am ALL for bicyclists to get from point A to point B. It’s amazing how long, far and how steep people bike. I commend them! It’s a good work out, it helps decrease pollution, decrease the increasing rates of obesity, etc. I personally know avid riders, competitors and people that have made it their profession. When I move out to Brentwood, I’ll be more than happy to ride my bike more.

What I cannot stand is that bicyclists want to be treated equally as cars or have the right-of-way like pedestrians at all times, but in my experience in just driving the short 5 blocks West of San Pablo Blvd. to work in Emeryville, they do NOT follow the rules and guidelines in the CA DMV Handbook. At stop signs like at the intersection of 45th and Horton (see The Emeryville Tattler), I have had to slowly follow a bicyclist riding in the center of my lane on the 2-lane street of 45th. And no, he did not stop at the stop sign, nor signal he was making a left turn. I always use my turn signals, why can't they?

And after making a stop at this 3-way intersection, looking both directions, a bicyclist comes flying into the intersection from my left and did not stop at the stop sign. Notice the first bullet below that was pulled from the DMV handbook. He did not have the right-of-way.

I don’t want anyone to get hurt but it’s presumptuous and bold of some bicyclist thinking they can get away with this and possibly win in court. For bicyclists protesting certain city laws or street changes, please be sure you are doing your part to be a defensive bicyclist. Drivers are asked to be defensive drivers.

Must obey all traffic signals and stop signs.
• Are lawfully permitted to ride on certain sections of roadway in rural areas where there is no alternate route.
• Must ride in the same direction as other traffic, not against it.
• Shall ride as near to the right curb or edge of the roadway as practical– not on the sidewalk.
• Are legally allowed to ride in the center of the lane when moving at the same speed as other traffic.
• May move left to pass a parked or moving vehicle, bicycle, animal, avoid debris, or other hazards.
• May choose to ride near the left curb or edge of a one-way street.
• Should ride single file on a busy or narrow street.
• Must make left and right turns in the same way that drivers do, using the same turn lanes. If the bicyclist is traveling straight ahead, he or she should use a through traffic lane rather than ride next to the curb and block traffic making right turns.
• Must signal all their intentions to motorists and bicyclists near them.
• Must wear a helmet if under the age of 18.
• Should carry identification.
• Shall not operate a bicycle on a roadway during darkness unless the bicycle is equipped with:
o A brake which will enable the operator to make one braked wheel stop on dry, level, clean pavement.

Have you had an issue with a bicyclist?

-------- UPDATED 1/31/11 ----------
On my way home from work on Friday afternoon, about 4:40 PM, I was approaching the intersection of San Pablo Blvd. and 36th, headed under the overpass because I had a green light. A Caucasian male with glasses but NO helmet came slowly into the busy street of oncoming traffic, into my lane and slowly continued to cross the additional two lanes to get across. I had to brake and hope no one rear-ends me. BASTARD!! Really? Some people have a death wish and it's times like these I'd be more than happy to grant it. This is what infuriates about some bicyclists. They're just asking to get hit.

Can someone please explain to me why people do this?

-------- UPDATED 2/8/11 ----------
I am happy to say that I have experienced my first pleasant encounter with a bicyclists yesterday afternoon at Hollis & 45th. I was in the car with a coworker discussing the pains I had with getting our new house keys approaching a stop sign, almost slammed on my breaks in excitement because I saw that an older gentleman on a 10-speed bike, with a helmet and spandex biker shorts was actually stopped at the intersection in the oncoming lane. BEAUTIFUL! That made me happy and I had to explain myself to my coworker as to why I was ecstatic. KUDOS to you, My Friend!

If you abide by the laws in place, Bicyclists, please let me here from you!

Biased much?

Every parent thinks they’re kid is the cutest, most talented or the smartest. They could be just a little biased, right? I know some people think “Oh, sure” when I say my nephew, who is a big Jason Statham fan, is the cutest thing. But isn’t he though?

Well, I don’t have any children of my own but my little Boston Terrier is super cute. One of my clerks thinks he’s pretty ugly but Bevo gets compliments all the time because he’s always smiling and his face is extremely expressive! He’s so friendly with people and not a bit territorial with other dogs.

I have entered Bevo in some online cutest pet contests where your dog has to be rated the highest or get the most hits. He always received high ratings and I was joking with Momma DB last night that his cuteness is going to waste. He needs to make Mommy and Daddy some money and start pulling his weight around here. Though a cash award wasn’t available, on Twitter, Kristen Kelly from Season 5 of The Bad Girls Club in Miami last year was running her own Cutest Pet Contest. She has a dog of her own named, Yuki, and is a big animal lover. If you remember from her season, she got a tattoo of the BGC heart on her hip, I believe, and told her mother. Her mother was disappointed with her and threatened to cut her off financially. Her response was, ”So does this mean I don’t get a puppy?” Straight comedy. Then when Morgan’s replacement arrived, Kayleigh, they became friends and Kristen’s shadow. I loved her comment: ”I’ve always wanted a puppy.” Kristen was my favorite of that season because she’s hilarious, but it was reconfirmed when she chose Bevo as the Overall Cutest Pet!

Thank you, Kristen! We’d love to meet you someday! I KNOW I’m not the only one that thinks Bevo is a cutie.

Hurry Up! ... Now, wait.

We are basically all packed and ready to go. Notice how pooped Bevo is from all the packing going on.

We were hoping to get the keys in our hands yesterday. A couple of days ago, I get a call from my fiancĂ© while at work saying that we may get our keys on Tuesday, if we’re lucky. The original title company erroneously provided the wrong lot number on the deed when it was foreclosed upon, but it was successfully recorded. Now, we’re trying to get the deed transferred to us and in order to transfer it, the correct lot number needs to be on the original deed. Our title company did everything right, or so I believe. But now that we have a few days to kill as documents are sent overnight to here and there. We want to move in already. We had everything scheduled to be transferred over like phone and internet, Dish Network and all of our appliances to be delivered. I have had to get back on the phone, go thru the many prompts, wait on hold, be transferred to the correct person to fulfill the request and blah, blah, blah. DB is really disappointed because he worked so hard on rushing on getting this completed on time and then this happens. It’s frustrating and he’s really bummed out.

Poppa and Momma DB are in town. DB is working at home and his parents fill their days with spoiling Bevo with love and many walks, watching the History Channel and Rachel Ray. Momma DB wishes she could do something like detail the chandelier, wipe down the kitchen cabinets or the bathrooms but we hired a maid service to do it. Plus, there will be tons to clean in the new house. I’ll provide the service we used if we happen to be happy with them.

Ahh, there’s nothing like hurrying up just to wait.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm A-OK with 6th Place, WAIT 4th Place!

I'd have to disagree with Ricky Bobby's saying of "If you're not first, you're last!" because I'm really liking that my blog posting is the 6th link (out of 1,270 results) to appear when you Google "Rockpango" (The Los Lonely Boys' new album releasing 3/29/11). I just thought it was pretty cool to appear the Top 10 search results when there are so many music-focused sites out there. Check it out!

Traffic to my blog has been growing steadily since it began in July of 2009. I believe this month will have the highest hits ever. Thank you to all that are following and reading, or following me on Twitter! It's much appreciated!

I am open to exchanging links! Perhaps I should highlight a blog/blogger every month in appreciation and commending people for taking advantage of their freedom of speech. Hmmm, who should be my first??

---- UPDATE 1-28-11 ----
My spot increased to the 4th spot with 1,380 results now for 'Rockpango' on Google!

---- UPDATE 2-3-11 ----
Still in 4th spot!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting Nikki - Bad Girls Club, Season 6

As previously mentioned, I don't do the club thing much anymore but I'm still down to have a good time. Last week, I came across an ad for Nikki's appearance at a club called Status in Pleasanton, California. It used to be named Aura and I've been there once before. My fiance used to be roommates with the daughter of the owners or some far-fetched connection like that. Regardless...

As a fan of the show on Oxygen, now into my 4th season of watching, I thought it'd be cool to meet this girl. I can honestly say she was the one I liked the most from the beginning. I didn't really want to declare it as my initial favorite from last season's ended up not being my fave anymore. Then again, you can blame editing for that. (So is it reality TV?) I liked Nikki because she was funny, sporty and not a girly-girl that was always in front of the mirror. And it never appeared that she was wearing a lot of make-up, and natural beauty is way better than wearing a cake on your face to be pretty. Goofy humor is my kind of humor. My girl, Jenny, and I crack up about the most random things, even over GChat while stuck at work. We just GET each other! Call it dorky, immature - whatever. I call it a good time.

I Tweeted that Nikki was going to be in the Bay Area and she responded a couple times. I got there early and the club was completely decorated differently and it was not packed. My friend, Susie, got there and kept saying how bright the club was. The DJ was in the middle of the room and I thought that was cool but no one was really dancing. We had some 'meatballs' as Sammi, Deena and Snooki from The Jersey Shore would say there dancing all raunchy-like. That was like an ongoing train wreck. Then I guess it's the new thing to wear extremely short dresses to a club, get down and dirty on the floor to where their panties are showing. Not just once, but every single time. Personally, when I go out dancing, I like to be comfortable and not have to worry if my 'unmentionables' are showing. Then again, that's just me. What's a 30-year-old doing there anyway? And these girls are another reason why I do not want a baby girl.

Nikki eventually arrived with her entourage and what appeared to be a driver or a body guard. Her hair was down and wearing a sequined tube dress. I didn't want to rush her so I kind of observed for a second to see if anyone else was coming up to her but it seemed like she was just having a good time with friends. So I asked Susie to take our photo. I introduced myself and she said it was nice to meet me. Here are our two photos. I definitely felt like a munchkin next to this pretty girl.

Susie and I were having a hard time talking over the loud music so I didn't bother making conversation with Nikki. She should just enjoy her time. But it was cool to meet her and it's kinda interesting to now watch her season when there's still a lot more to come.

Who's your favorite Bad Girl this season?

Monday, January 24, 2011

ReTweet Tweet - WINNER! WINNER!

I love entering contests online. I previously blogged about winning Los Lonely Boys tickets (twice!) for drawing traffic to their site about their new albums, I've won bottles of wine and photo sessions from wedding planning vendors from bridal fairs, movie tickets, DVDs, and even a trip to the Grammy's in 2000. Some people are hesitant to enter contests and drawings online as they believe they will not win or there never IS a winner and it's just a scam to get your personal information. Make sure there's some legal mumbo jumbo that you can view regarding the contest. This is my attest that the below and future giveaways I execute and fulfill with Sarah Michaels are, as she says, LEGIT. Entrants' and winners' personal information (beyond what is already public) will never be sold or released to any third parties.

Have you heard about Chad Ochocinco Tweeting that the first person to meet him at a certain location will get a shopping spree or a new pair of shoes? Imagine the press and the mob that appeared at that location! Sarah Michaels and launched a Retweet (aka RT) contest on Twitter to give away a box of Mass Appeal and a few autographed photos. Sarah asked them to ReTweet "I want that Mass Appeal from & @Sarah Michaels!" to be entered in the contest.

For you marketing buffs - Marketing Results:
Over 100 people RT/mentioned/entered the contest
The tweet appeared in 6,734 additional users’ timelines. Not just the timelines of her own followers at 13,180 as of January 11, 2011 that continues to increase.
Twitter labeled it as a TOP TWEET, which appears in a scrolling list of the other Top Tweets on the front page of Twitter before you login. received 69 hits in 24 hours since the contest began

I compiled a list of users and randomly drew the winner for the Mass Appeal and three winners for autographed photos only. People absolutely love Sarah. You can see by the below responses.

One winner from the last RT contest in October mentioned Winrgy in this contest and called it ‘the shit.’ This is proof that the brand and our efforts are working and resonating in people's minds. We love hearing about the success and results of

Samples of "I Want..."



What contests/drawings have you won?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sign Here, Here, Here, Initial Here, Here, Here AND Here

We are off today to sign papers on our new home. I am so thankful for my fiance taking care of majority of the negotiations, dealing with our Realtor and gathering all the documents, details, etc. It also helps that his mother has been a Realtor for over 20 years in Pennsylvania, that my father is a broker and referred us to an awesome loan agent that has gotten us a fantastic deal on closing costs. It was amazing to go to our parents for advice because they have been thru the process once or twice, but that they're in the industry.

It's been a crazy month and all these documents with legal verbiage and contingencies we've had to read, sign, scan, fax back, and re-sign about a bajillion times were a bit overwhelming for DB. I think he did a great job.

My name is pretty long so I've cut down my signature to just my initials when signing all these documents. It's also nice that my married named will have the same initials so the abbreviated signature will remain the same.

But we are off to go sign the pile of paperwork and hope to have the keys in our hands by Wednesday. We woke up this morning, looked at each other and just smiled. One more BIG step to moving into our first beautiful home will be out of the way.

Stay tuned for the contact info for these wonderful people.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Support NorCal Grizzles - Crabfeed - Sat., Feb. 5th in Livermore

My fiance is a coach for the NorCal Grizzlies. Please come support the team and the organization by attending their 5th Annual Crabfeed for Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing, Raffles, Silent & Live Auctions.

Saturday, February 5, 2011 @ 5 PM

Robert Livermore Community Center
444 East Ave.
Livermore, CA

Cost: $55

Email me for tickets!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shopping for the New House - Ugh

We have already purchased the appliances and this weekend we discovered what the new range that the bank installed looks like, and though it's new, it's damn ugly and replacing it is now on our list. But we have other things we need for our new home and we picked up some things today. The list of general needs has not been narrowed down to the specifics, as in a registry.

I had to make notes as to what current pieces of furniture and the mere decorative items I have will be placed in whichever room. I think I have a general idea and Momma DB is asking if she needs to buy anything in Pennsylvania and bring it with her when they arrive next week. They have done so much for us already that that is not necessary.

I was looking forward to shopping and browsing for things that we could possibly register for. I thought it was going to be a good time for us to pick things out together, to build our home. But like a man, that's not the case and it was really frustrating because the fun of it all was extinguished. I don't know why we were at Macy's for sheets anyway. I also get our sheets at Ross at at least 500 thread count for $30. I did fall in love the Hotel Collection they had at Macy's though, which makes sense because I am fascinated by hotels.

I wanted to look at towels as some of our current sets are fading and I wanted some lush towels that make you want to drown in them. He was walking in front of me and ignored my request. I had to yell his name to come do this with me. And of course it was an issue because 'towels are towels.' Fine. I left the towel area.

My dishware is from Target. All black and has lasted 10 years already. I wanted to look at China or some formal dishes to use for special occasions and dinner parties I want to have. These items are not needed but wanted. I took a few photos of some that I liked, and here he comes with towels stacked high in his arms: ones we didn't pick together nor agreed upon, but he wanted to satisfy my want for towels. That wasn't the point. Then again I was reminded that our visit here wasn't to pick out China or flatware. Ugh! The towels were left behind in the dishware section.

We'll need to have a chat before we attempt this shopping thing together again because he was not understanding my expectation for our first outing for personable items for our first home. But perhaps now that our first outing is out of the way, maybe the next time go around will be smoother. The chat will happen though.

What are your favorite places to shop for your home?
Is your fiance/husband laid back or opinionated on how you decorate your home?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sarah Michaels - In Demand

Just like the Demand It! feature on to get bands to come to your town, I thought I'd start a list of fans/supporters (petition, if you will) that want Sarah Michaels to come to your town! Promoters for clubs, lounges and special events need to know there's a following - and from what I've seen, they (YOU!) are out there! I have been in marketing since before I was legal to drink and have done well with guerilla marketing, which is creatively getting results/exposure without a marketing budget.

If you love Sarah and want to meet this 'Bad Girl' and possibly bring her 'Bad' friends, let it be known HERE! This will be an ongoing list of fans that promoters can review and say 'YES! Let's book her!' And...who knows, Sarah might review this list every now and then. *wink* *wink*

How do I get on this list? Either comment below or email me at with:
1) Your first name and last initial (ex: Bernadette M.)
2) Your city and state
3) Your email if you'd like it posted here

Be sure to forward this posting to your friends to increase the chances of her coming to your town. And to further support Sarah, try out her Wellness products at

-LIST BEGAN, Sunday, January 16, 2011-

I'll be the first:

1) Bernadette M - Brentwood (NorCal)

Raymond B.- Searsport

Friday, January 14, 2011

'Rockpango' - New Album by the Los Lonely Boys - 3/29/11

My favorite band, the Los Lonely Boys, will be releasing their new album, 'Rockpango', on March 29, 2011. I am so excited for it. I heard one new song at the Napa concert last year and I believe it was called Rockpango. Check out the article below with the track titles.

OBTB and La Onda will have to get together for a release party and make swag to promote the new album. Hmmm, what to do, what to do? They love us here in Northern California. We get 3-4 shows each tour (with the exception of their home state of Texas) and I hear it makes the rest of the nation a little jealous. Our group is very well organized and we really come together for the love of the music and the Boys. And it's also not bad that we get some love from the Boys as well. They know most of us by name and appreciate the promotion we do for them on our own dime. I'm at my 45th concert and I can't wait for my 50th because I'm going to do something special. I can't say what it is just yet!

Are you a fan of Los Lonely Boys?


Random questions:
What's your favorite song of theirs?
La Contestacion - my favorite instrument is the piano and a special version of it will never be forgotten.

Most memorable concert:
Out of the 45 so far, definitely my birthday at Cache Creek, where they sang "Nobody Else" for me. They said they loved me and even Henry came right in front of me and played for me. I was in tears.

When did you first meet the Boys?
In 2004. I was working for an advertising agency and my client sponsored the Alice Acoustic Lounges in San Francisco. They were playing a set and I was there. After the performance, Jojo snuck out so quickly to go smoke downstairs on the street. I was so lucky enough to ride the elevator down with Henry and Ringo. They were hilarious in just that 3-story elevator ride. I chatted with JoJo for a bit, with Henry and Ringo. I also posed for a picture with all three of them but those stupid disposable cameras didn't work out. They're so down to earth, hilarious and appreciate of their fans.

How far have you traveled to see them?
I have driven from the Bay Area south to Palm Desert, CA & Viejas, CA, southeast to Las Vegas, NV and far north to Lincoln City, OR in the snow. I eventually will make it to Texas.

What is the most you've paid to see them?
The most was probably $250 to get front row at the Concord Pavillion in Concord, CA back in 2005. The next most expensive was at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA. I think I paid $250 as well for 4th row seats but a 4-course meal.

On my bucket list:
I want to make it in one of their music videos. How do I do that???

I may sound like a crazy fan, and trust me, there are people out there, but I don't try to HOG the Boys. I'm not trying to get them to follow me on Twitter (LOL, cause they already are. HA!), I don't ask for a photo or an autograph every single time I see them, and I am not rude to other fans that want to meet them. I have met them several times and I think everyone should have the pleasure of doing so. They have definitely touched my life. Listening to their music and thinking about the wonderful experiences with them lift my spirits when I have a bad day and I remember that life is good. A smile or some kind of recognition from the stage, a hug, a 'thank you for all your support', goes such a long way. And it keeps me loving and supporting them.

If you have a chance to see them LIVE, to meet them, to pick up their album, - do it! You won't be disappointed. If you see any La Onda members around at concerts, dancing in our seats or in the aisles, come and talk to us. We probably have some swag for you to keep as a souvenir.



Los Lonely Boys have confirmed the March 29 release of their new album Rockpango. The album stands as the most personal work yet by the Grammy-winning Garza brothers--Henry, Ringo, and Jojo--who wrote, recorded and produced it themselves.

Rockpango, which will also be available in a Deluxe Edition featuring three bonus songs, behind the scenes video, and a fold-out poster of the cover art, marks the first full- length studio release of original material on the band's own Lonely Tone imprint for Playing in Traffic Records. More info and spring tour dates, including SXSW, to come soon.

Rockpango Tracklisting:
1. American Idle
2. Fly Away
3. Love In My Veins
4. Road To Nowhere
5. 16 Monkeys
6. Rockpango
7. Smile
8. Baby Girl
9. Change The World
10. Porn Star
11. Believe

UPDATED 2/15/11
The Boy's first single off of Rockpango "FLY AWAY" - CLICK HERE! released today!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simple Birthday Wishes

Today is my fiance’s birthday. We are complete opposites. In terms of similarities, besides loving each other, we love sushi and our dog. He and a couple of good friends threw me a surprise birthday party for my 30th at our condo. I have never had a surprise birthday. I’m always planning the parties and get-togethers so it was definitely a treat. Today, per his request, we have absolutely nothing planned to celebrate his birthday. Just like Christmas, he made me agree not to spend any money for his birthday. He actually is headed to his coaching job as we speak. It’s what he wants to do. He took Monday night off from coaching to watch the BCS Championship game with his friends.

Although we’ve been together for three years, I had to realize and accept that we have different wants. He wants to celebrate his birthday by doing nothing special. I like celebrating my birthday by going out and being with friends. This year, I’m giving him exactly what he wants and he’ll be happy with it. Strange how easy and as simple as his wants are, and yet it was incredibly difficult for me to take it face value.

Is that a woman thing? Or am I reading too much into things, as usual?

Regardless, Happy Birthday, to my love, my future.

Monday, January 10, 2011

P90X - "Oh, Jesus."

This past Saturday's FREE Women's Health & Fitness Seminar in San Mateo, CA was a good time. From my posting on Yelp, I received a few "That's Cool" clicks and one confirmed attendee. Great! Her name was Christine and was originally from Southern California, now living in Concord. She was open to the information and using the WinSpa products AND working out with my colleagues and I with P90X. It was a 40-45 minute work out, then we did 15 minutes of abs. When the time came for high intensity move to kick in, I was not expecting it whatsoever and said out loud "Oh, Jesus." It was early on in the work out and I started to get nervous. But I finished it. I couldn't finish the push up section but I tried. I really, really wished I took my Sure2Endure before hand because I was dying.

Let me just say, this event was on Saturday, it is now Monday morning and I am still having a hard time moving. It really kicked my butt and my colleagues, who are 40+, were so much better at it than I am. Given that it was my first time but they were doing so well! I doubt they're hurting like me today.

With moving closer to my sister who is very much into fitness and clean eating, Go, Mel, Run, I am looking forward to doing this with her. Unfortunately, I cannot join the gang in San Mateo everyday as I have to work and I need to finish packing for our move. (Excited.) But it is definitely a good work out.

What are your thoughts on P90X?

We also had our body measurements taken.
For me:
Weight: 112.4 lbs
BMI: 20.7
Body Fat: 30.3% (Trainer says it's 4% high for my age)
Muscle: 27.6%
Fitness age is 27!!! Three years younger than I really am.
Visceral is 4.
He says I'm doing good but I want that Body Fat to go down and muscle mass to go up! I'm game! Are you???

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - Bring it!!!

2011 has arrived and I say "BRING IT!" I really have quite a few things going for me this year: got engaged, in the process of buying a new home (which the listing was officially taken off as of December 28th), I surround myself with wonderful people and as far as I know, no one is really sick or ill. (Thinking of you still, Cousin Nat.)

Because DB and I are so focused on saving money and preparing to move to a new part of the Bay Area, we stayed in for New Year's Eve. We ended up getting into bed at 6 PM with Bevo and his buddy, Toby, whom we were dog sitting while his mommy partied it up in San Francisco. We watched about 5 episodes of LOST on Netflix. Yes, we are a bit behind. Still on the 2nd to last season. DB called his parents on the East Coast right after midnight as usual. We watched the ball drop and I had my New Year's kiss from my fiance, my puppy dog and from Tobes. A pretty chill evening. We promised each other that we'd party it up next year. But for now, we're doing what we need to do.

As far as a New Year's Resolution, I didn't make one. Many people choose to get healthy and to lose weight. I've been on that track already and things are going a-OK. I've got some tightening up to do in some areas but I see some definition in places, especially when the lighting angle is working with me. Ha! So, I will continue down that road along with my Biolean and ProXtreme whey protein powder from But it is a challenge right now to eat healthy when you have to be on a budget. Currently I am eating up everything that has been in the house but still hasn't expired, like cans of soup, canned tuna, boxes of pasta, etc. They're packaged foods that don't have fresh ingredients and are typically high in sodium. And pasta! Carbs, carbs, carbs. I was on a no-carb after 5 PM kick but I stopped that months ago. I will have to get back to that eventually. But I have decided to get back at tracking what I am eating and my workouts at I have to do something active everyday.

And just a side note, I haven't been sick in over 6 months. I believe I owe a BIG thanks to my Biolean.

I know I'm not the most patient person. I'm quick to fly off the handle, raise my voice, roll the eyes and have smoke coming out of my ears. And this is especially towards my new fiance. I have to chill out on that. I think I have improved by letting some things not get to me by not retaliating, but I know I could be better.

Things have changed quite a bit in the friends-department. I know a lot of people and love going out, catching up over dinner and because of things like Facebook and texting, I don't think I'm that interactive with people nowadays. With the WIN business, it has helped me to actually pick up the phone and talk to someone, not just shoot them an email or leave a comment on their FB page. I do try to reach out to folks but it'll always come down to those people that you've been friends with for a long time that will return your phone call. There's a reason why they're still your friends. With me moving farther East, I hope those friendships will remain intact and continually become stronger. I am also looking forward to meeting people in my new hometown come February.

The Girls - Christmas Party at my house

How are you feeling about 2011?
Did you make a New Year's resolution?
Where do you see yourself by the end of the 2011?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2 BR, 2 Full Bath, Renovated Condo Available for Rent

Updated 2/8/12.

$1650 a month for rent.
$1500 deposit
Available mid-March, 2012.
Rent is due the first of the month. Check or cash.

SCHEDULE an appointment to view the unit and the grounds by emailing or calling 925.895.7136

2 Bedrooms
2 Full baths
2-car tandem garage
Top floor unit
Security gate
Granite counters on kitchen and bathrooms
Large extended kitchen counter
New kitchen appliances
High ceiling in living room
Ceiling fans in living room & master bedroom
Walk-in closets in both bedrooms
Washer & dryer
Storage on balcony
New painted walls
No popcorn ceiling
Stainless steel door knobs

Complex amenities:
Dog-friendly complex
Walking distance to Safeway and downtown
Easy access to Hwy 580
Less than a mile from Hayward Bart

Living Room - Shot from the foyer

Living Room - Shot from the dining room

View from the balcony

Kitchen - granite countertops, all black appliances

I used this as a bar top

Master Bedroom

Master Bath - Granite counterops

Guest Bathroom - Full bath with granite countertops

1 Carport

2 Car tandem garage