ReTweet Tweet - WINNER! WINNER!

I love entering contests online. I previously blogged about winning Los Lonely Boys tickets (twice!) for drawing traffic to their site about their new albums, I've won bottles of wine and photo sessions from wedding planning vendors from bridal fairs, movie tickets, DVDs, and even a trip to the Grammy's in 2000. Some people are hesitant to enter contests and drawings online as they believe they will not win or there never IS a winner and it's just a scam to get your personal information. Make sure there's some legal mumbo jumbo that you can view regarding the contest. This is my attest that the below and future giveaways I execute and fulfill with Sarah Michaels are, as she says, LEGIT. Entrants' and winners' personal information (beyond what is already public) will never be sold or released to any third parties.

Have you heard about Chad Ochocinco Tweeting that the first person to meet him at a certain location will get a shopping spree or a new pair of shoes? Imagine the press and the mob that appeared at that location! Sarah Michaels and launched a Retweet (aka RT) contest on Twitter to give away a box of Mass Appeal and a few autographed photos. Sarah asked them to ReTweet "I want that Mass Appeal from & @Sarah Michaels!" to be entered in the contest.

For you marketing buffs - Marketing Results:
Over 100 people RT/mentioned/entered the contest
The tweet appeared in 6,734 additional users’ timelines. Not just the timelines of her own followers at 13,180 as of January 11, 2011 that continues to increase.
Twitter labeled it as a TOP TWEET, which appears in a scrolling list of the other Top Tweets on the front page of Twitter before you login. received 69 hits in 24 hours since the contest began

I compiled a list of users and randomly drew the winner for the Mass Appeal and three winners for autographed photos only. People absolutely love Sarah. You can see by the below responses.

One winner from the last RT contest in October mentioned Winrgy in this contest and called it ‘the shit.’ This is proof that the brand and our efforts are working and resonating in people's minds. We love hearing about the success and results of

Samples of "I Want..."



What contests/drawings have you won?


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