'Rockpango' - New Album by the Los Lonely Boys - 3/29/11

My favorite band, the Los Lonely Boys, will be releasing their new album, 'Rockpango', on March 29, 2011. I am so excited for it. I heard one new song at the Napa concert last year and I believe it was called Rockpango. Check out the article below with the track titles.

OBTB and La Onda will have to get together for a release party and make swag to promote the new album. Hmmm, what to do, what to do? They love us here in Northern California. We get 3-4 shows each tour (with the exception of their home state of Texas) and I hear it makes the rest of the nation a little jealous. Our group is very well organized and we really come together for the love of the music and the Boys. And it's also not bad that we get some love from the Boys as well. They know most of us by name and appreciate the promotion we do for them on our own dime. I'm at my 45th concert and I can't wait for my 50th because I'm going to do something special. I can't say what it is just yet!

Are you a fan of Los Lonely Boys?


Random questions:
What's your favorite song of theirs?
La Contestacion - my favorite instrument is the piano and a special version of it will never be forgotten.

Most memorable concert:
Out of the 45 so far, definitely my birthday at Cache Creek, where they sang "Nobody Else" for me. They said they loved me and even Henry came right in front of me and played for me. I was in tears.

When did you first meet the Boys?
In 2004. I was working for an advertising agency and my client sponsored the Alice Acoustic Lounges in San Francisco. They were playing a set and I was there. After the performance, Jojo snuck out so quickly to go smoke downstairs on the street. I was so lucky enough to ride the elevator down with Henry and Ringo. They were hilarious in just that 3-story elevator ride. I chatted with JoJo for a bit, with Henry and Ringo. I also posed for a picture with all three of them but those stupid disposable cameras didn't work out. They're so down to earth, hilarious and appreciate of their fans.

How far have you traveled to see them?
I have driven from the Bay Area south to Palm Desert, CA & Viejas, CA, southeast to Las Vegas, NV and far north to Lincoln City, OR in the snow. I eventually will make it to Texas.

What is the most you've paid to see them?
The most was probably $250 to get front row at the Concord Pavillion in Concord, CA back in 2005. The next most expensive was at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA. I think I paid $250 as well for 4th row seats but a 4-course meal.

On my bucket list:
I want to make it in one of their music videos. How do I do that???

I may sound like a crazy fan, and trust me, there are people out there, but I don't try to HOG the Boys. I'm not trying to get them to follow me on Twitter (LOL, cause they already are. HA!), I don't ask for a photo or an autograph every single time I see them, and I am not rude to other fans that want to meet them. I have met them several times and I think everyone should have the pleasure of doing so. They have definitely touched my life. Listening to their music and thinking about the wonderful experiences with them lift my spirits when I have a bad day and I remember that life is good. A smile or some kind of recognition from the stage, a hug, a 'thank you for all your support', goes such a long way. And it keeps me loving and supporting them.

If you have a chance to see them LIVE, to meet them, to pick up their album, - do it! You won't be disappointed. If you see any La Onda members around at concerts, dancing in our seats or in the aisles, come and talk to us. We probably have some swag for you to keep as a souvenir.



Los Lonely Boys have confirmed the March 29 release of their new album Rockpango. The album stands as the most personal work yet by the Grammy-winning Garza brothers--Henry, Ringo, and Jojo--who wrote, recorded and produced it themselves.

Rockpango, which will also be available in a Deluxe Edition featuring three bonus songs, behind the scenes video, and a fold-out poster of the cover art, marks the first full- length studio release of original material on the band's own Lonely Tone imprint for Playing in Traffic Records. More info and spring tour dates, including SXSW, to come soon.

Rockpango Tracklisting:
1. American Idle
2. Fly Away
3. Love In My Veins
4. Road To Nowhere
5. 16 Monkeys
6. Rockpango
7. Smile
8. Baby Girl
9. Change The World
10. Porn Star
11. Believe

UPDATED 2/15/11
The Boy's first single off of Rockpango "FLY AWAY" - CLICK HERE! released today!


  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!Listening to Los Lonely Boys music, and Being at a live concert is so inspiring, healing and exciting to experience. Following Los Lonely Boys is ALWAYS a delight! and seeing the faces of new fans lighting up is half the fun. La Onda by the Bay is strong in supporting our favorite band of brothers. Can't wait for the new cd!!


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