Hurry Up! ... Now, wait.

We are basically all packed and ready to go. Notice how pooped Bevo is from all the packing going on.

We were hoping to get the keys in our hands yesterday. A couple of days ago, I get a call from my fiancĂ© while at work saying that we may get our keys on Tuesday, if we’re lucky. The original title company erroneously provided the wrong lot number on the deed when it was foreclosed upon, but it was successfully recorded. Now, we’re trying to get the deed transferred to us and in order to transfer it, the correct lot number needs to be on the original deed. Our title company did everything right, or so I believe. But now that we have a few days to kill as documents are sent overnight to here and there. We want to move in already. We had everything scheduled to be transferred over like phone and internet, Dish Network and all of our appliances to be delivered. I have had to get back on the phone, go thru the many prompts, wait on hold, be transferred to the correct person to fulfill the request and blah, blah, blah. DB is really disappointed because he worked so hard on rushing on getting this completed on time and then this happens. It’s frustrating and he’s really bummed out.

Poppa and Momma DB are in town. DB is working at home and his parents fill their days with spoiling Bevo with love and many walks, watching the History Channel and Rachel Ray. Momma DB wishes she could do something like detail the chandelier, wipe down the kitchen cabinets or the bathrooms but we hired a maid service to do it. Plus, there will be tons to clean in the new house. I’ll provide the service we used if we happen to be happy with them.

Ahh, there’s nothing like hurrying up just to wait.


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