Shopping for the New House - Ugh

We have already purchased the appliances and this weekend we discovered what the new range that the bank installed looks like, and though it's new, it's damn ugly and replacing it is now on our list. But we have other things we need for our new home and we picked up some things today. The list of general needs has not been narrowed down to the specifics, as in a registry.

I had to make notes as to what current pieces of furniture and the mere decorative items I have will be placed in whichever room. I think I have a general idea and Momma DB is asking if she needs to buy anything in Pennsylvania and bring it with her when they arrive next week. They have done so much for us already that that is not necessary.

I was looking forward to shopping and browsing for things that we could possibly register for. I thought it was going to be a good time for us to pick things out together, to build our home. But like a man, that's not the case and it was really frustrating because the fun of it all was extinguished. I don't know why we were at Macy's for sheets anyway. I also get our sheets at Ross at at least 500 thread count for $30. I did fall in love the Hotel Collection they had at Macy's though, which makes sense because I am fascinated by hotels.

I wanted to look at towels as some of our current sets are fading and I wanted some lush towels that make you want to drown in them. He was walking in front of me and ignored my request. I had to yell his name to come do this with me. And of course it was an issue because 'towels are towels.' Fine. I left the towel area.

My dishware is from Target. All black and has lasted 10 years already. I wanted to look at China or some formal dishes to use for special occasions and dinner parties I want to have. These items are not needed but wanted. I took a few photos of some that I liked, and here he comes with towels stacked high in his arms: ones we didn't pick together nor agreed upon, but he wanted to satisfy my want for towels. That wasn't the point. Then again I was reminded that our visit here wasn't to pick out China or flatware. Ugh! The towels were left behind in the dishware section.

We'll need to have a chat before we attempt this shopping thing together again because he was not understanding my expectation for our first outing for personable items for our first home. But perhaps now that our first outing is out of the way, maybe the next time go around will be smoother. The chat will happen though.

What are your favorite places to shop for your home?
Is your fiance/husband laid back or opinionated on how you decorate your home?


  1. I am totally picturing the scene in my head ya know. Maybe a discussion prior to shopping would have helped. But yes, your first trip is out of the way.
    We watch shows together, go shopping together and try to remember each others' comments about furniture, etc. So by the time we're ready to buy, we've narrowed it down and somewhat agree.
    We like to go to a couple of stores in Rockridge for furniture. For antyhing else, Walmart works.


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