Sarah Michaels - In Demand

Just like the Demand It! feature on to get bands to come to your town, I thought I'd start a list of fans/supporters (petition, if you will) that want Sarah Michaels to come to your town! Promoters for clubs, lounges and special events need to know there's a following - and from what I've seen, they (YOU!) are out there! I have been in marketing since before I was legal to drink and have done well with guerilla marketing, which is creatively getting results/exposure without a marketing budget.

If you love Sarah and want to meet this 'Bad Girl' and possibly bring her 'Bad' friends, let it be known HERE! This will be an ongoing list of fans that promoters can review and say 'YES! Let's book her!' And...who knows, Sarah might review this list every now and then. *wink* *wink*

How do I get on this list? Either comment below or email me at with:
1) Your first name and last initial (ex: Bernadette M.)
2) Your city and state
3) Your email if you'd like it posted here

Be sure to forward this posting to your friends to increase the chances of her coming to your town. And to further support Sarah, try out her Wellness products at

-LIST BEGAN, Sunday, January 16, 2011-

I'll be the first:

1) Bernadette M - Brentwood (NorCal)

Raymond B.- Searsport


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