Simple Birthday Wishes

Today is my fiance’s birthday. We are complete opposites. In terms of similarities, besides loving each other, we love sushi and our dog. He and a couple of good friends threw me a surprise birthday party for my 30th at our condo. I have never had a surprise birthday. I’m always planning the parties and get-togethers so it was definitely a treat. Today, per his request, we have absolutely nothing planned to celebrate his birthday. Just like Christmas, he made me agree not to spend any money for his birthday. He actually is headed to his coaching job as we speak. It’s what he wants to do. He took Monday night off from coaching to watch the BCS Championship game with his friends.

Although we’ve been together for three years, I had to realize and accept that we have different wants. He wants to celebrate his birthday by doing nothing special. I like celebrating my birthday by going out and being with friends. This year, I’m giving him exactly what he wants and he’ll be happy with it. Strange how easy and as simple as his wants are, and yet it was incredibly difficult for me to take it face value.

Is that a woman thing? Or am I reading too much into things, as usual?

Regardless, Happy Birthday, to my love, my future.


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