Thursday, March 31, 2016

April 2016 Blogging Goals

March has been a good month for hits on this blog. I have a goal to double my hits for the month of April. Perhaps with that, I can take inquiries for sponsored posts for May. As mentioned in a previous post, my photos I take will no longer be shared on Yelp. They will be posted here on my blog, on my Instagram page or my personal Facebook page.

I will continue to be posting at least once a day, hopefully sharing content readers find interesting. I am learning from other bloggers, constantly networking and marketing myself and the many organizations I am a part of and support.

Thank you for your continued support. Please comment below with your social media links and I will follow and like as a sign of appreciation.

To April and reaching goals! Cheers!

At the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV - March 2016

Halfway thru the month. Hits are on track to almost double last month's hits. Thank you for visiting and for your support! Say hello below in the comments.

This is #8 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Countdown to Italy!

Wedding Countdown Ticker


#250KChallenge Week 11

One week ended in a trip of indulging in Vegas and then a week of babying a cold and taking it easy working out. Then it was time to get back to it. I needed to get more cardio in so I had two days of just cardio. I also took my Shredz to make sure I sweat like crazy.

Holy sweaty boobies! Haha, sent this one to Courtney. And now the whole world can see it. Y'know, that Adidas sports bra was my very first one that I bought in high school. I love it when things last!


Tuesday, my foot started to act up and cramp immediately after I got off the bike. I had to go home. I don't live very far from my gym and I had to pull over because my left foot was cramping. I was massaging it for at least 10 minutes before I felt it was safe for me to hit the road again. Once I got home, I thought I'd use the roller on it but it only made it worse. I massaged it a bit more then I thought I would soak it in hot water. My roommate has the tub in the condo so I just jumped up on the counter of my bathroom and soaked my feet there. It finally relaxed.

I had a full buyout to work and during set up, my feet were killing me. I had to stop setting up. Thankful my staff was awesome. I made an appointment to see a doc and spoke to a nurse over the phone. Kristian, my business partner, said I just potassium and demanded someone to go to The Market to get me a banana or an avocado. Of course, I told them it was ok. No need to send my staff to do something I can do. Regardless, my event was wonderful and I had happy clients. Well worth the pain.

Flowers by Tango & Foxtrot

The next day I took it easy and worked out at home. I was tired. I went to GNC and picked up some Potassium and Magnesium combo supplements and gummies for my hair and nails. I feel my hair is thinning a bit. Might as well kill to birds with one stone and one trip. Krisitian says I should only be taking supplements that are all natural and come from plants. He was disappointed with my suppl selection. Next time, KC!

The following day I worked from home until my 3pm appointment but went to the gym to just do cardio and after taking the supplements, I haven't had any terrible cramps. My feet feel a bit sore but that's about it.  My gym had these BelVita as samples and the blueberry ones are delicious! They were so good that I went to Safeway and bought me a box. And got some ShopKick points and more Monopoly pieces to win that beach house!

I had my doctor's appointment and didn't meet with my new PCP but another lady that asked me to get some blood work done and gave me a podiatrist referral. I need to get on that, an also pick up Vitamin D pills too. I'm just falling apart at 35 1/2!

Walking around and working with a fundraising networking event with nonprofits The Trevor Project and StartOut. I really do love being able to play a part in giving back to our community and changing lives.

Friday, I honestly can't remember if I went to the gym! I know I didn't on Saturday morning as I had a meeting with a Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride in Union City and then I had to get ready for our Whiskies of the World event on the SF Belle by Hornblower. My team and I got there early so we ended up at Coqueta and sat outside having drinks and paella! I will have to go into further detail but needless to say, I was not eating healthy that day. However, it was a successful event.

The night was filled with more food and drinking at 15 Romulo. My first time there was when my friend Sarah was in town with her then new boyfriend. Great spot. Busy! We had basically one of everything. 

Then it was Easter Sunday and I told my Lola that I was going to take her to a 9:15 am mass with intentions of going into work for a busy brunch. 

But, I ended up at home and going to back to sleep. After I rested, I went to the gym. It was much needed because Week 12 is upon us!!!

Those socks tho!
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Monday, March 28, 2016

My Photos on My Blog Only

I loved being a Yelp Elite for seven years. From my Stripped post, the title was taken from me once I became an owner of DW. I took photos of my food, the space and wrote reviews. I would post most photos on Yelp versus any other social media site. My photos are the world thru my eyes and they belong on my blog. Call it exclusive content.

I do all of the social media for DW and though I have only taken one photography class back in college, I get so many compliments on the photos I have taken and posted on Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and Google+ to promote DW. No need to pay professionals to take photos of our food or space unless it's needed in high-resolution. Media takes them for free and are used in the press. I will be doing the same thing.

All photos unless otherwise noted on my blog moving forward will be owned by me. Permission may be granted for use of the photos.

Sorry, Yelp, I love you but photos will be here. I am working on the 2016 100 Review Challenge. You'll get content from there.

Follow me on Instagram as well (bappletree). They apparently will now be changing how you see your feed. If you like a lot of fitness posts like I do, those photos will appear at the top of your feed versus in chronological order. I wish they would make this a setting preference instead. Why don't we have a choice in the matter?

Thanks for your readership!

Now leaving you with a photo not posted on Yelp. This was DW's Banana Huckleberry French Toast that was brought back to life just for Easter. Looks delicious, right?

This is #5 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Now What?

So you've decided to start your own business. You have this great idea. You don't see a future in your current position. And you are willing to take that risk and invest in yourself. Now what?

I have been entrepreneurial since I had my first website, A Page Just for Kate. I saw Titanic in the theaters during high school three times because I loved Kate Winslet, who played Rose, opposite of childhood crush, Leonardo DiCaprio. I even went to the movies for the first time by myself in Berkeley to see her next film, Hideous Kinky. To build my website, I shopped eBay (Ophelia16 - over 500 positive remarks) for international magazines for rare photos and articles we don't have in the States. I would buy a magazine, tear out the pages that I needed and asked my father to scan them so I can post it on my webpage. But what about the rest of the magazine? There had to be other people in this world that would love to have the other articles and photos I am not interested in. And how about I add in other articles and clippings so it increases its value? So I began collecting and selling clipping sets on other celebrities on eBay. I would go to nail salons and go 'dumpster diving' in the mail room of my advertising agency, and grab magazines for free. Phil, our mail guy, would always set them aside for me. I made quite a bit of money. I didn't have any employees, I used recycled envelopes from my office, the buyer would pay the postage and it just took time. The most I ever got was $100 for a set of Vin Diesel clippings. That only fueled me to keep going.

I also supported my sister in signing up with Pre-Paid Legal, started planning events and bartending at private parties, paid way too much to start my business with Wellness International Network, signed up as a Stella & Dot Stylist, am an operating partner and invested in my restaurant, Dirty Water, am an aspiring successful blogger and just recently signed up as an Ever Skincare Specialist. Of this list, five are currently active because they continue to benefit me. See now why this blog is called One Busy Bee? With my announcement of me joining Ever Skincare on Facebook to my friends and family, my sister's comment, Melyssa Green, Co-Owner of On-Point Machining, was that I was making her tired. I'll sleep when I'm dead. I see an opportunity, and I'm going to take it.

After I started each one of these adventures, I wrote down my goals, I created a plan and I mentally prepared myself that this is not going to be an easy road.

Write Down Your Goals
When you sign that AT&T contract for the hot new iPhone upgrade, you're saying you understand the terms and will be paying X amount per month. You also know the consequences when you do not fulfill your obligations. Writing down your goals is like a contract with yourself. You understand the terms, you know what you have to deliver and that there are consequences or setbacks when you don't. Declaring your goals, writing them down, posting them in a place where you can see them everyday and sharing these goals with friends, family, investors or even strangers that don't believe in you now will hold you accountable and help motivate you to keep moving forward. 

I was browsing inspirational quotes on Pinterest and came across one that said, "Don't just talk about, BE about it." When I put my mind to something, I do all that I can to make it happen. When I tell my cousin, "Sure, I'll jump out of a plane with you!" I may have been nervous the entire flight up with knees uncontrollably bouncing but I suited up and got on that plane, didn't I? I didn't chicken out.

I also had a blog post after I had lunch with some girlfriends. I got there early and had some time to chat with my friend, Layla. We are new friends and I don't see her as often but I was telling her about DW. For not knowing me extremely well, it was really nice to hear her say that she recognizes that when I say I'm going to do something, I do it.

Write down your daily, weekly, monthly, annual and long-term goals. As a Stella & Dot Stylist, you have great mentors, have access to recorded phone calls, training videos and Jessica Herrin, the Founder and CEO, is inspirational and incredibly approachable. You make your money and build your customer base by booking trunk shows. All you have to do is ask. In training videos, they tell you to reward yourself after you receive an X amount of 'no's.' Being rejected is never a good feeling but the more 'no's' you receive, your next yes is a lot closer. And you can reward yourself with a slice of cake, or another pair of Stella & Dot earrings or going to see Kate Winslet's latest film. When your goals are easily attainable, they're not challenging you and your goals should be revisited.

Have a Plan
...says the Event Planner. You have your goals written down, you've told everyone and their mother about them. When they ask how business is doing and if you did that thing you mentioned was in the works the last time they saw you, you can say how sweet them for remembering and say yes, business is amazing and we now actually have two of those things. But how did you get there? For each of your goals, you have to have a plan of action, a plan b and when to go back to revising the goal as now your plan does not apply.

When you set up a plan, goals within goals are created. You need X, Y and Z done in that order and they each have their own deadline. But don't forget, in order for X to happen, A, B and C have to happen first. I love flowcharts and timelines. They visually help you stay on track, you can add notes to why certain tasks take a certain amount of time, you can color code items to assign responsibilities and you can understand that not completing one task in the timeline that was provided alters the rest of the timeline. You are your own project manager.

As an Independent Event Planner & Coordinator, I think my brides appreciated my bluntness in my expectations. I have been planning events for 17 years and it is in everyone's best interest to honor my deadline requests. Because in reality, last minute changes are going to come up that is beyond my control. I PLAN on these  unknown occurrences and special circumstances and allow myself time to find out what is exactly needed and why, communicate the options and limitations and costs associated, ask for final decisions and execute.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Road Ahead
Understand that this new business venue is your choice. You have no one else to blame but yourself. You will be working long hours. You will be learning as you go. You will not be able to make everyone happy. You will get an earful of doubtful comments. You will make mistakes. 

However, you are taking the risk that most people don't have the guts to take.  You are your own boss. You don't answer to anybody! You have to believe in yourself first and foremost. If people see lack of confidence or doubt in yourself and your business, the people that did believe in you may second guess their decision, the quality or standards of your product or service will begin to lack and your customers will spend their money and time elsewhere.

They say businesses fail within their first year. It is inevitable you will make mistakes. Maybe you didn't send an email in a timely manner, perhaps you accidentally overcharged a customer or you hired a friend that isn't meeting expectations. Failures are opportunities to learn. Some business owners dwell over big and small mistakes. Understand and accept that it has happened, learn from it, execute any changes needed to ensure the mistake does not reoccur and move on.

When I make a mistake, it makes me feel absolutely terrible. I have learned to never fudge the truth or hide something I may have overlooked for whatever reason. Hopefully I can recognize my error before my customer or client does. It is always better to immediately declare an 'uh oh' and present a solution for it before they confront you about it. I look for the same value in my staff and business partners. 

Well, new entrepreneurs, go forth, shout your goals from the rooftops, develop your plan and prepare yourself for a challenging but rewarding adventure ahead that was created by you!

I would be interested in your journey as an entrepreneur. Please comment below with your name, business, URL and a little blurb about it. I look forward to your comments. 

- Bernadette
Photo by Dylan Douglas Photography
Communicate with other entrepreneurs on Brazzlebox.
See Dirty Water's page HERE.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Whiskies of the World 2016 - San Francisco

I am looking forward to today's Whiskies of the World event at Pier 3 onboard a Hornblower boat. DWSF will have a table and we will be serving up Bruichladdich Port Charlotte whisky with a foie gras torchon with candied bacon. 

This will be our first booth at an event and it reminds of me my days working in advertising with my various clients. This should be a really fun event, especially that I am absolutely loving whisk(e)y recently. I have yet to start my own log but I have been lucky to try so many hard to find batches.

Please follow me on Snapchat (bappletree) for a behind the scenes look at the event if you cannot attend. We look forward to meeting everyone!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Will I EVER Stop?

I turned 35 and a half on Tuesday. I don't feel it. I don't think I look it but that 4-0 is getting a little bit closer every day. I have gone thru personal challenges and survived. I have to say I am decently successful and have my sights on a goal that will allow me to enjoy life with my feet in the sand and be surrounded by beauty. What is inevitable is my body aging. Do I have control over that? I can definitely slow the process and age gracefully.

I signed up to be an Ever Skincare Specialist this week. I just don't take the time to take care of my face and skin like I should. Thank goodness I have been blessed with great genes but I'm seeing some things I want to fix and keep looking young. I don't wear foundation or powder and wouldn't know how to properly apply it. Besides my jet black liquid eyeliner and occasional burgundy lips, I don't do too much in terms of make up or hide my natural skin. I feel natural beauty is much more attractive.

I have previously worked as a rep with Wellness International Network. I stopped using their products because I didn't have the time to do the business. I feel the products have worked for me, see other blog posts regarding my experiences, but I wanted to go with a company that I love and trust.
Stella & Dot Family Brands now has Ever Skincare. I haven't personally used the products yet and honestly, I don't feel I have to. I have been a Stella & Dot Stylist since 2011. And though I do not host trunk shows now, I still love the jewelry and am still a fan and believe in the business model and if Jessica Herrin is a part of it, I'm in! What else will Jessica get into? Will I EVER stop?

I am hoping to get my kit this weekend to start the regimen. I have watched a few of the training videos and am excited to start using the products and sharing my experiences with you.

Please visit my website and since I am new, I hope to be able to answer your questions like a true Specialist soon.

This was my Instagram post declaring this mid-30s gal that parties in Vegas with 25-year-olds is signing up with Ever and that I can't rely on my Filipino genes much longer. My Lola is almost 90 and looks great. I hope I am that lucky. 

Thanks for reading!

This is #2 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.

WinSpa Facials = Amazing

Mi Sonrisa


"Si, mi corazon," he says with a smile when he stops using the broom in his hands. His baseball cap is backwards and his white chef coat just a mess. I nicknamed him Sonrisa because he used to get so mad at our staff for a number of things. My way to make things better is to lighten the mood by making people laugh. Because everytime I would see him, he's so mad! Now he chills out when I joke with him when my servers aren't up to his expectation. "Why are you mad again, Sonrisa?"

"Why do you work so much?" He is always willing to help with anything we need. He has three different sets of responsibilities with us now. Well-rounded.

Without hesitation, "I want to retire when I'm 50. I don't want to be old and still have to work, so I'm saving what I can now. My father told me, work a lot and hard and you can retire early. He's over 50 now, back home it's hard to save so he's still working but he still trying."

Sonrisa goes on to tell me that he still has to send money home to his family but he doesn't mind. Familia is everything. Sonrisa is doing his part. I am happy we are able to play a part in fulfilling this goal and to create this opportunity for him. I appreciate and recognize hard work by others. He deserves this recognition. Hopefully this encourages and motivates others. And who wouldn't want to work with this woman?

Why do you work so hard?
What are your goals?
Do you have family members relying on you?

Personally, I made a new goal after a recent stay in Bodega Bay. This is my goal: a house on the beach where I can run in the sand everyday and fall asleep to the waves every night. Plus have enough room for friends and family to visit as often as they'd like.

This is #1 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

#250KChallenge Week 10

I slept thru the entire flight from Las Vegas and stop in Los Angeles and then home. I was exhausted. I only had a total of 11.5 hours of sleep all weekend. I even slept thru the turbulence. As soon as we landed, I knew I was not only exhausted, but I was sick. The reason why I picked the 6:20 am flight was so I could pick up Bevo in West Oakland and then head into  work. That plan did not happen. I picked up Bevo and I slept the entire day. It was amazing.

Remember me mentioning the article of taking a week off after 6-8 weeks? I did it. Only because I was sick. I didn't go the gym the entire week. I did light body work and core at home. I didn't want to get anyone else sick at the gym. Not good gym etiquette. Oh how the shadows help me see changes in my body, but my shoulders have always been the easiest to see definition. The belly! Oh, that's a challenge.

I concentrated on work. My Service Manager challenged me to make $70K in new event sales for the month of March by the end of the month. I worked on meeting that goal. It is now one week out, I still have $55K to go. But have booked $15K in the months ahead. No way did I fail entirely. And a lot can happen in the next 7 days.

I have had issues with Charley horses when I was growing up. I would cry thru the night because it would hurt so bad. My mother would sometimes get so irritated with my pain that she'd threaten to cut my legs off if I didn't stop crying. Sweet, right? It probably doesn't help that I love wearing heels.

I took Lola to church for Palm Sunday and while walking back to the car, a little girl holding her mom's hand was captivated by my blue shoes. "I like her high heels, Mom!"

Then I felt good enough to meet someone for a beer at The Hop Grenade in Concord, CA. Awesome spot. More of a write-up coming soon! Then I met up with Nelson, Erika and her son, Brody, at Cerruti Cellars at Jack London Square in in Oakland, Ca. It was a good time. 

I took it easy the rest of the day. I was ready to take on Week 11.

This is #6 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#250KChallenge - Week 9

Oh, dear, this was the week that ended up in Las Vegas for a girls' weekend (separate post to follow) and seems so long ago now that I am in week 11 as I write this.

Monday - it was a full day as my Sunshine took the day off. So no work out that day. The week was full of hitting the weights at home and a lot of core work with The Beeves. He encourages me with kisses and bringing me his toys.

Eating right was needed. I absolutely love fruit. DW doesn't have much fruit besides the grapes that come on our charcuterie platters so I go next door to The Market and pay astronomical prices by ounce just to get my fruit fix on almost a daily basis. Thank goodness I get a 10% discount as a Market Square partner and my credit card is registered with the Thanx app which gives me $10 for which seems for every $1,000 I spend at The Market. But I also get Hawaiian miles for every dollar I spend. I do get something back but good heavens! On average, I spend $10-$12 on fruit each time I go there. I need to talk about my Chef about having more healthy items for a girl on a fitness mission. 

Bevo makes another appearance, this time focused on a bone that has lasted well over a year. He thinks my yoga mat is a placemat.

Then Friday, it was time to be on vacation! Courtney and I started at DW. Our 9:45 pm Southwest flight was delayed almost two hours because of the rain. Good thing we were headed to a warmer spot. 

We got into Vegas at about midnight and it was drizzling but we were ready to go out! We were headed to Coyote Ugly from our room at The Palazzo. Though you can't see my back very well, I have been obsessed with working on my back with lats for days and rows and flyes. I still have a lot of work to do but I felt confident in wearing this top I bought in Kusadasi, Turkey in 2012. I remember flirting with a cutie that sold me this and a knock off white Adidas jacket that I still have but the zipper has broken off since then. We were also Facebook friends but he must've fallen off when I couldn't get him the latest iPhone. Haha, such a peddler.

We got in at 6 am and went to bed. I got up at 10 am and needed at least 30 minutes at the gym before I met up with my girlfriend, Sarah, and meet her adorable baby boy. I didn't think Courtney would want to go but I was almost ready to walk out the door but she jumped right up to join me. Oh, to be 25 again.

Vacation means a bottle of champagne, fruit topped waffles and a veggie and bacon omelette for breakfast and wonderful company. Look at those beauties. So wonderful to be able to call her my friend. You wouldn't think that I'd be playing with an infant on this party weekend but I had a great time tossing Bradford up and making him smile.

The day, hell, the whole weekend was filled with booze and decisions with no regrets. Here we are headed out to our table at XS. What a good looking squad, right?

After 2.5 hours of sleep, I was looking forward to relaxing at the pool at Wet Republic. You are not allowed to sleep there, FYI. Bring some dark sunglasses to try to help with that. Wearing my new hat, Prada sunglasses, Stella & Dot jewelry of course and bikini by Hot Miami Styles. All the ladies that worked at Wet Republic has amazing bodies. I got complimented on my bathing suit. Yay! 

The night was followed by dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and my second time going to The Thunder from Down Under show where Courtney got pulled up on stage. She loved it. We each paid $20 to get this group photo. My roommate Will said I need to work on my pose with these hunky men. I asked him to carry me and I didn't have a chance to repose. It just looks like I'm a Stage 5 Clinger. 

Then it was time to catch a 6:20 am flight home and I went home with this guy! 

It was a long week with very little sleep but it was so much fun!

Week 10 was not that exciting...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Must-Meet Women: Melyssa Green, Co-Owner of On-Point Machining

Thank you for viewing the first 'Must-Meet Women' post. As I write this, the Democratic Debates are airing live from Flint, Michigan and the first possible female president, Hillary Clinton, duels Bernie Sanders. Like every person, man or woman, Hillary started some where. She was the co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Families and Children in 1977, she was the first female chair for the Legal Services Corporation in 1978 and she was the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979 (Wikipedia). At 68, she continues to make history.

Melyssa Green, Co-Owner of On-Point Machining in Pittsburg, California, has been a part of my history since day one as my only sister. As a CSU Hayward, now CSU East Bay, alumni, National Guard Soldier and mother of one, she also has a bright future ahead being one of the few women owning and working in a machine shop and manufacturing pieces in America. 

In a male dominated industry, there are very few female machinists. Melyssa has found zero female owners like her but have found and followed a few female machinists on Instagram. From the posts found under #femalemachinist, the few ladies that post seem to be young and proud to be in the profession. Courses at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California for machining are no longer offered. How do we keep these jobs in America when we are no longer providing the education? Melyssa is constantly learning on the job. Her husband, Dan Green, has the knowledge and experience to set up the machines, provides quotes and still works a full-time job as a Machinist. Melyssa and their one employee, Carlos, can help run the machines after they are set up by Dan. Dan is a patient teacher (from personal experience, see my Hell On Wheels thread) and Melyssa has learned all of her machining and troubleshooting skills from her husband. Their 9-year-old son, Brent, spends a lot of time at the shop and will take on tumbling duties to help out. This is a process of polishing finished pieces. They are then air-dried and placed on the rack. Melyssa and Dan have given Brent the title of Office Manager. He definitely cracks the whip.

This family-owned and ran business is also molding Brent. He sees both of his parents working long hours with two jobs and Melyssa says she hopes that this exposure will instill some things in her son, including a good work ethic and understanding the value of a dollar. He is creative and computer savvy, does well in school and enjoys math, Mindcraft and building things such as Legos. By the time Brent and his generation are looking for jobs in the machining world, will they be available here in the U.S.?

Large companies are sending their orders to be filled overseas to cut costs. Yeah, them and everyone else, right? This causes a decrease in jobs in the U.S., less items created in America therefore decreasing exports and from Melyssa's findings, quality of finished products are lacking.

Why should clients choose On-Point over  sending their orders to be filled overseas? They are a small company with very little overhead. Many machining companies are too big and require a minimum order.  Melyssa says they have no minimum requirement and are open to do prototypes and take small orders from other small businesses like themselves. As mentioned, it is a family-owned and family-ran business that encourages and supports items to be made in America. Dan has a great rapport with their clients and can provide quotes with a quick turnaround, usually two days. Customer service are incredibly important.

What are two things can Melyssa do to grow her business? For one, more time will help. She currently works for a Japanese technology company in the East Bay full time and would ideally like to have enough consistent clients to allow Dan to run the business, meaning have one place of employment. With growth, she hopes to follow Dan's footsteps. Melyssa sleeps five to six hours a night. If you follow her on SnapChat (@themelygreen) for a behind the scenes look of 'shop life,' you'll see she is early to rise, works out, is a fun and silly mom, works the day job, heads to the shop, goes home to feed her family because wife and mother duties never get a break. Then repeat. 

Secondly, Melyssa recognizes the power of social media. She is extremely active with their SnapChat account as mentioned but also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. "What's #FBLT?" I asked. "Facebook Like Tuesday." Well I'll be damned. There's a hashtag for everything. Melyssa also educates herself with reading what's happening in the industry on a daily basis. How she has time to deadlift, her favorite workout, 160 pounds is amazing. She is putting in the hard work and making sacrifices to get her business where it needs to be. And that is successful and growing everyday with her family. Plus Carlos.

How does she keep going? What advice does Melyssa have for other female entrepreneurs?

"Always have glue," our Lola, grandmother in Tagalog, mentions as she's attempting to fix her rose pin that I said was upside down on her lapel. Had I not mentioned it, it would have still been intact. I support this glue comment.

Melyssa responds similarly by saying lady entrepreneurs should stick with and surround themselves with like-minded people and to avoid Negative Nancies (not directed at all to the recently deceased Former First Lady like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan). For Melyssa, it is a way to keep her motivated. She feeds off other people's successes and her efforts are recognized by those same people. For instance, her friend, Sherry Koyama, owner of Harumi K designs. See my Support Local Designers post HERE. Sherry has grown her business over the last year and a half, and though may not have known it, she has helped motivate Melyssa, not just by being a friend but by reminding her it can be done.

My sister was the first person I thought of when I decided THIS morning that I wanted and should start writing more informative content. I began Women Wednesdays at DW, have always been entrepreneurial, I own my own businesses and understand that the direction of my life is determined by my choices. Yes, this blog is about the world of fitness, travel, food and beverages and so much more from my perspective but I choose to also tell the stories and points of view of the wonderful women that motivate, inspire and encourage me. I would hope these posts would do the same for you. Though you may not meet the very Melyssa Green I speak of, perhaps you might find some of her in someone you have, will have or have had in your life that will give you exactly what she has done for me. To sum it all up, she has always been there for me. Just like I signed up for Pre-Paid Legal to support her ow how I never missed a day making sure she received a letter everyday when she was away at boot camp, I also have her back no matter what.  I hope On-Point Machining is as successful as I know it can be. Please share this post, follow and Like their Facebook page, support small, local, American family-owned businesses and make note of their contact information. Referrals are always appreciated. 

On-Point Machining
520 Garcia Ave., Unit A
Pittsburg, Ca 94565
(510) 206-6465
Melyssa Green

SnapChat (@themelygreen)

And now for some non-machining questions for Melyssa...and Brent.

Next travel destination? Melyssa would like to head to Wilmington, North Carolina to see a friend she has reconnected after 19 years with thanks to social media. Psst, GooglePlus was of some assistance. Can you believe it!?! (Ahem, thanks for the G+ love, folks. Keep it coming. XOXO.)

What is your favorite fashion or beauty item? Melyssa loves her Bare Minerals primer and foundation. It doesn't feel 'cakey' and she hasn't been a fan of liquid foundation. It feels light, it does a good job of covering up and it lasts long. 

"Now Brent, is there anything you'd like to say or add about On-Point Machining?"

"No comment." Thanks for your time, Brent.

How do you support local small businesses?
Would you be more inclined to support a company because of the gender of the owner?
What advice do you have for Melyssa?
Have a recommendation for my next 'Must-Meet Women' post?