Rates / FAQs


What are your rates?
I would have to say my rates, including travel rates, are very reasonable and negotiable depending on the scope of work. Let’s sit down, discuss your needs and rates at that time.

How do you charge?
Because every event is different, I charge by the hour. One rate for planning, one rate for day-of coordinating.

How far are you willing to travel?
I wish I could travel more and I am willing to do so. I have worked a wedding in Hawaii.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
Unfortunately I am allergic to hay and/or horses, barn yards etc. I will sneeze and swell up during the event and I would hate to have your planner/coordinator M.I.A.

How do we get started?
I want to get to know more about you, your fiance and what your needs are. I would like to have a phone conversation at first and/or have you fill out a questionnaire that I can email to you. Then we'll meet in person at a public location to see if we amicably can work together.

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