Friday, May 31, 2013

Support a Beacon Award Winner - June 2, 2013

My friend and talented Hair Stylist, Justina Downs, is hosting a fundraiser this Sunday, June 2nd at 11 AM in San Lorenzo, CA. Please scroll down to read her note about the event and why she is hosting it. I can vouch for this girl. She did my hair for my wedding, had a quick and amazing hair trial with numerous 'dos and you'll be amazed at what she can do with a flat iron. Please email me if you are interested.

I also have to share how amazing she did with my Matron of Honor's hair. Incredible.

Hey everyone! I'm throwing a BBQ to help raise money for my future career. I recently won the Beacon competition that only 100 students in the country can win. I'll be in Las Vegas for 4 days and taking advance classes from the top beauty professionals in the country for free. Also, I will be attending NAHA awards, which is like the beauty industry's Grammy Awards. There will also be a beauty convention with all the latest trends and tools.

Money raised will go towards travel 
expense, lodging, and new styling tools. Any funds left over will be put towards hair extension, advance coloring, and waxing classes here in the Bay Area.

I thank EVERYONE that has been very supportive through my years of trying to be a great hair stylist, while still working and being the best mom I can be for my son. I am getting closer to getting my license. I would love it if you came and hung out, for at least the food and the raffle. Stella & Dot jewelry, henna and hair trims will also be available.

Raffle prizes include products for your automobile, a $25 Stella & Dot gift card, a Candle Holder, a bottle of Whiskey, duffle bag, a gift basket for coffee lovers and a wrench tool set.  Raffle tickets will be 1 for $3, or 2 for $5.

Everyone else, please come and join the fun....

Lunch donation plates are $10

Beers & soda will be sold at this event.

Find us both on Facebook and LIKE us!
Intertwine Hair Design

Bernadette Manzano, Event Planner & Coordinator

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6 Days Straight, Maybe 7

I can't remember the last time I hung out with a friend for six days straight. It was probably with my friend, Anne M., when we went to the Bahamas for Spring Break in 2003.

We met while we both worked at Young & Rubicam San Francisco. But we were on vacation, and on these past six days with Megan Z., we had different things going on.

First off, we met at a Stella & Dot holiday party in San Francisco just last year. Megan is a Stylist as well. Wine was the topic of the evening and we became Facebook friends. Met up at Plum Bar during Oakland's Restaurant Week and have seen each other often ever since. We get each other's "crazy" and laugh so hard at some things that escalate into laughing at other things and possibly some unrelated things. It just goes on and on. I was going to go thru Megan withdrawals when I went to Miami.

This 6-day Megan fix went like this:

Wed. - She wanted to go to this Match Stir event and I was going to be her date. The bartender was the cutest thing there and we had way too much fun in the photo booth. Here is also when I proposed on switching up our trivia Thursday night.

Thurs. - The weather has been so nice that I said we should lay out by the pool at my place instead of going to trivia as we normally do in Alameda. So we did. It was me, Megan, Kelley & Janey popping champagne bottles and eating chocolate covered power berries while listening to the awesome Carolina Beach Music radio station on Pandora. Then Brittany came by while we ate Thai food and came back to my house and played Taboo.

Fri. - It really kicked off Megan's birthday weekend. Megan, Janey, Kelley, Kari & David and I went to Make Westing in Oakland and had a couple of drinks there that night. I'm still on my champagne kick and wished I had her Basil Cucumber Gimlet instead. It was good. When a few guys came to chat with us, one of them wore wayyyy too much cologne. It was my cue to leave so I headed over to my love's house.

Sat. - We were both exhausted and met up at West Oakland Bart in the early afternoon to go to the Cinco de Mayo Festival at Dolores Park. I took a little nap and enjoyed the sun and music.

Sun. - Still exhausted, I was going to try to stay home and her father was having a function at her house so I invited her to come hang at my house for Cinco de Mayo though I needed to do bills and clean up a bit. Instead, I made us shrimp and shroom quesadillas, a mango salsa and bacon wrapped jalepenos while listening and dancing to Latin music on the Selena station on Pandora. We alter watched Drop Dead Fred and Dirty Dancing.

Then today, Megan's actual birthday, she had dinner in the city with her mom and sister after a hair show she was in. I was having dinner and drinks with my clerk-turned-lawyer because I needed a friggin drink. Stress levels were thru the roof! Then we went to her house and played Scattegories with the group. The best answer came from her Kelley: Name something that gets you from here to there. The winning answer of the night: Giraffe!

I had to leave early to take care of Bevo. But to keep the streak going, I asked her to come have lunch with me tomorrow. Let's see if we can make it for SEVEN days! It is very clear that we get along and don't get sick of each other. It's pretty awesome to have found such a great friend.

And we did end up spending 7 days straight together. Yesterday, Tuesday, we met up at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe near my work but both decided that we weren't hungry so we ran some errands and she helped me walk the dogs I walk. Today we took a break but going to San Francisco's Nightlife at the Cal Academy of Sciences for the first time tomorrow. Should be fun!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Goodnight, Sweetheart

This song always reminds me of when my sister and I were children and my father driving us home after visiting him on his weekend. I remember looking forward to getting to keep the quarter in change when we'd cross the Carquinez Bridge when it only cost $.75. But I also remember how I would dread having to say goodbye to him when we got home and I would cry every single time. My mom would get so irritated with the same routine every other weekend. My father just responded to me remembering all this, "I sure remember sweetheart and still have the cassettes. Love you too."

It's amazing how the power of music can trigger good and bad memories. The Spaniels' 'Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go' is on The American Graffiti soundtrack and ranks as one of my favorite albums ever. But memories like this reminds me that I never, EVER want to have my children become a product of divorce. With a friend currently in labor, one about to pop, one pregnant and my beautiful niece turning 4-years-old today, I again wonder if it's in the cards for me.

"You must be patient," says one of my best friends. "Everything you want and hope for will come your way in due time. Just keep being you," says my cousin.  A huge step was made indirectly in my favor this week, I hope my dreams materialize.