#250KChallenge Week 8

Do not eat the doughnut! Damnit!

Look what Sunshine and I started on Friday. My Service Manager asked if one of us has time to go get him two glazed doughnuts and a box for the rest of the staff. Have time? For doughnuts? Hell yes!!! 

The guys at All Star Donuts love us. We come into the spot already salivating. On Friday, Sunshine left some older man salivating. As we got up to leave, he asks, "You gonna be here tomorrow?" "No, I don't think so." "I'll be waiting here for you." Annnnnd we're never going back there again! Creepy doughnut shop guy. 

On our way back to DW, I saw that the Pinx Catering van was in the loading dock! Their maple bacon is delicious! I went to a Yelp Elite event with Mykey at the Sierra Nevada Taproom in Berkeley, Pinx was there! I had soooo many pieces of bacon. And I remember that at that time, I wasn't too crazy about the beer. Now I crave it sometimes! But speaking of creepy...

That's one reason why Sunshine gets all the attention. That girl makes me laugh.

Yes, I did back that morning as it continues to be my obsession, plus my 45 minutes of cardio. But then the doughnut opportunity presented itself and I had a sugar doughnut. I took that to my face, no problem.

The evening was followed by Firestone Walker's Milk & Cookies event at DW. We were promoting the Merlin Nitro Stout and they brought cookies to pair the beer with from Brown Butter

Cayne, my rep, did a great job speaking to people that ordered the beer. Some reps just sit there and do not approach the guests. Not Cayne! He was chattin it up! Another reason why we love Firestone Walker. John was very happy to have them here.

As a former Yelp Elite, I was glad to have the new Yelp Community Manager for San Francisco there that same evening. It was an invite to come meet Ben F. Nice guy. Great to see Nique, the former East Bay Community Manager. She's now pregnant! So many buns in the oven. *tick tock, tick tock* But speaking of finding a partner, Kristian of all people gave me some insight on our new Community Manager. Not only does he make his own fernet, Fernet Francisco, he was also casted on a popular reality show. Pretty cool. This blog is my reality show...and my Periscope channel I guess.

I had to capture this photo, Cayne drinking the stout, and Ben drinking his fernet.

I met one gal from the Yelp event and she quickly found me on the site and sent me a compliment. How nice of her to take the time. 

When things died down, I headed back to my hole of an office and partook of a taste of the stout. It earned me an Untappd badge! 

While this was all going on, we had a Board of Directors meeting going on that I couldn't participate in. But on my way out, I said goodbye to my Board and they pulled me aside to say that they were discussing all of my efforts and how much they appreciate all that I do. It was very sweet, encouraging and motivating. They all seem very happy with what I am doing for the business. Of course there are ways to improve and do more, but in due time. Events are killing it, I have booked two wedding receptions, we have had four wedding-related events in the past week and I think it's catching ok that I have a specialty. Looking forward to the wedding season.

Tuesday - Lower back and bis day. I went up to 90 lbs in dead lifts but topped out at 7 reps for the last two sets. I posted this on SnapChat (@bappletree) and Section-36 loved that I was wearing the tank again. Yes, Sir, it's in the work out gear rotation.

I then attempted to get on the cross trainer but my right foot was tightening up and I had to just move to the treadmill and do incline walking. My damn feet. It must be all the heels I'm wearing. Oh, fashion will be the death of me.

We had a very busy evening at work so being on my feet for 15,000 steps in my Rocketdogs according to my FitBit and it was probably the most stressful event day I've had there. All of our lounges were booked that evening and I had a Letherbee gin & tonic promo going on at the same time. Not that I couldn't handle it, but it wasn't a walk in the park, everyone's happy kind and I just check into my parties every so often kind of day. And it's not going to happen again. Take everything as a lesson, accept what it was, know you did your best, learn and move on.

It was nice to have one of my investors still there as I left for the evening, and he told me loved me for the first time. Awwww, right?

Wednesday - leg day. 'It's always leg day' at bootcamp with Femme Fitcamp on Saturday mornings according to Courtney. This way there's a bit of a break in between working those muscles. Bodybuilding.com says not to work the same muscle group more than 2-3 times a week. The same article says to take a rest day once a week for muscles to repair and build, and take an entire week off after 6-8 weeks. An entire week? OK, I'm alright with a vacation every 6-8 weeks. Thanks for the advice!

This was a low heel day with my grey Michael Kors pumps and not a single drop of alcohol. We had our monthly event, Women Wednesday, and it was beer focused with Vicki from the Mujicians Brewing Company. We sold a decent amount of flights and Vicki did a great job chatting it up with this inspirational flight of theirs.

Thursday - I was tired. Perhaps it was the rain that made me just want to stay in bed but I lingered under the covers until about 9 am. Vegas was just a week away so ingot my add out of bed and did some ab work. 

The day was later followed by the Allagash Wit beer that was on the previous night's Inspiration flight by The Mujicians Brewing Co. and a few Army engineer friends. Just one beer! I felt guilty but it was nice to take a break and hang out. I had some interesting convos with them that made me tear up a little bit but it was nice to talk to somebody about these things. And have a beer!

Watch out for this guy. He's looking to build something delicious. 

Friday - it was a rough morning. I put my kitty of 13+ years, my MamaGirls, to sleep. Read post HERE.

I thought I was going to make it to work but it hit me harder than I thought. Besides the delish MuscleMilk smoothie my roommate made me and left in the fridge for me that morning, I decided to get some fast food, go home, watch The Voice, rest and take a nap. Feeling restless already, I did do a little shoulder workout. 

Saturday - I felt better. It was odd to not have Mamas around. I went to the gym and had a great workout. I did CCC, chest, core and cardio.  It felt good to sweat after two days of not going to the gym. The gym is really a place to feel like you're making progress and focus.

I took pictures before going to the gym and liked what I saw. I barely drank this week, I up'd my cardio and have been working on my core. I'll have to create a side by side pic but I think I'll wait until the end of the challenge. I'm in my underwear. Oops.

I went into work afterwards and had our brunch special that my chef said reminded him of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I love that cereal. And it did. So good!

I stuck with green tea and had the roasted pork and veggies for dinner. 

Sunday - my roommate offered me to some Oreo cookie cake for breakfast. Yes!!! Ok, no. I can't. I also didn't have a drop of alcohol this weekend. Yay, me! 

It was leg day plus cardio. I ran out of time to do my full 45 minutes of cardio. I only got 30 minutes in but also wanted to do some core. I didn't get do that. I had to run back to Safeway and get milk for my MuscleTech protein shake.

Besides a Safeway run, I told my grandmother I would take her to church. After church, I bought two boxes of my post-#250KChallenge reward for myself. Girl Scout Cookies - the Tagalongs. I cannot friggin' wait! Wasn't that purchase also a tax deduction?

I had intentions of doing core at home but I got so excited about a new set of posts I'm doing to create informative content on this blog, called Must-Meet Women. The first post was written about my sister, Melyssa Green, as a female co-owner of a machine shop called On-Point Machining. Please view the post HERE!

I was also watching the Democratic Debate and then my roommate asked if I wanted to watch The Walking Dead. So that was my Sunday evening. Long day tomorrow so Week 9 isn't going to start so well and it's going to end in Vegas. It'll be an interesting blog post. Stay tuned!

BUT! I lost 9 pounds and 3% body fat in three weeks. Hey, progress. I think I love you.


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