P90X - "Oh, Jesus."

This past Saturday's FREE Women's Health & Fitness Seminar in San Mateo, CA was a good time. From my posting on Yelp, I received a few "That's Cool" clicks and one confirmed attendee. Great! Her name was Christine and was originally from Southern California, now living in Concord. She was open to the information and using the WinSpa products AND working out with my colleagues and I with P90X. It was a 40-45 minute work out, then we did 15 minutes of abs. When the time came for high intensity move to kick in, I was not expecting it whatsoever and said out loud "Oh, Jesus." It was early on in the work out and I started to get nervous. But I finished it. I couldn't finish the push up section but I tried. I really, really wished I took my Sure2Endure before hand because I was dying.

Let me just say, this event was on Saturday, it is now Monday morning and I am still having a hard time moving. It really kicked my butt and my colleagues, who are 40+, were so much better at it than I am. Given that it was my first time but they were doing so well! I doubt they're hurting like me today.

With moving closer to my sister who is very much into fitness and clean eating, Go, Mel, Run, I am looking forward to doing this with her. Unfortunately, I cannot join the gang in San Mateo everyday as I have to work and I need to finish packing for our move. (Excited.) But it is definitely a good work out.

What are your thoughts on P90X?

We also had our body measurements taken.
For me:
Weight: 112.4 lbs
BMI: 20.7
Body Fat: 30.3% (Trainer says it's 4% high for my age)
Muscle: 27.6%
Fitness age is 27!!! Three years younger than I really am.
Visceral is 4.
He says I'm doing good but I want that Body Fat to go down and muscle mass to go up! I'm game! Are you???


  1. That's why I run. It's ultimate cardio.
    The reason why I am currently doing another cross training program is so I'll be ready for P90X.
    And working out everyday helps because the program is 6 days a week if you follow it by the book.
    Let's rock it!


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