Meeting Nikki - Bad Girls Club, Season 6

As previously mentioned, I don't do the club thing much anymore but I'm still down to have a good time. Last week, I came across an ad for Nikki's appearance at a club called Status in Pleasanton, California. It used to be named Aura and I've been there once before. My fiance used to be roommates with the daughter of the owners or some far-fetched connection like that. Regardless...

As a fan of the show on Oxygen, now into my 4th season of watching, I thought it'd be cool to meet this girl. I can honestly say she was the one I liked the most from the beginning. I didn't really want to declare it as my initial favorite from last season's ended up not being my fave anymore. Then again, you can blame editing for that. (So is it reality TV?) I liked Nikki because she was funny, sporty and not a girly-girl that was always in front of the mirror. And it never appeared that she was wearing a lot of make-up, and natural beauty is way better than wearing a cake on your face to be pretty. Goofy humor is my kind of humor. My girl, Jenny, and I crack up about the most random things, even over GChat while stuck at work. We just GET each other! Call it dorky, immature - whatever. I call it a good time.

I Tweeted that Nikki was going to be in the Bay Area and she responded a couple times. I got there early and the club was completely decorated differently and it was not packed. My friend, Susie, got there and kept saying how bright the club was. The DJ was in the middle of the room and I thought that was cool but no one was really dancing. We had some 'meatballs' as Sammi, Deena and Snooki from The Jersey Shore would say there dancing all raunchy-like. That was like an ongoing train wreck. Then I guess it's the new thing to wear extremely short dresses to a club, get down and dirty on the floor to where their panties are showing. Not just once, but every single time. Personally, when I go out dancing, I like to be comfortable and not have to worry if my 'unmentionables' are showing. Then again, that's just me. What's a 30-year-old doing there anyway? And these girls are another reason why I do not want a baby girl.

Nikki eventually arrived with her entourage and what appeared to be a driver or a body guard. Her hair was down and wearing a sequined tube dress. I didn't want to rush her so I kind of observed for a second to see if anyone else was coming up to her but it seemed like she was just having a good time with friends. So I asked Susie to take our photo. I introduced myself and she said it was nice to meet me. Here are our two photos. I definitely felt like a munchkin next to this pretty girl.

Susie and I were having a hard time talking over the loud music so I didn't bother making conversation with Nikki. She should just enjoy her time. But it was cool to meet her and it's kinda interesting to now watch her season when there's still a lot more to come.

Who's your favorite Bad Girl this season?


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