#MyNextLevel 2016

And so it begins come Monday, July 11th.  The same day we have a Courvesier Master Class that is taking place at DW. See my struggle? Good food and libations are at my fingertips. Poor me, right? At 35 and not being an effortless size zero anymore plus a non-existent metabolism, my body is not where I want it to be. I want to feel beautiful in my own skin and I'm willing to put in the work.

I love these bodybuilding.com challenges. They give me a timeframe and incentive. This time one male and one female can win $20,000 each. Get financially rewarded for improving yourself? I signed up! And I also have Court Court, Cristen, Nick, Richard, Tatiana and Erika on board. I'm trying to get other folks to join us too! It'll be fun.  Sign up here before the July 10th deadline.  Before pics will need to be posted by the same time. I posted mine and they are quite depressing but last year I definitely saw a difference, especially my profile. My team is going to kick ass.

Since I posted my July blogging goals, I just finished my second Women's Health magazine, have read quite a few articles online and am actually doing my Duolingo Italian lessons regularly. I am always learning, growing and hopefully motivating and inspiring people. I have yet to finish my whiskey book. Now adding an 8-week goal to the list with this fitness program. I lost 3 pounds in one week. Loving my progress even before this challenge starts. Game on!

Like the #BernsFashionChallenge I will be writing a weekly recap. Please follow this blog. Fitness products, gear and motivation will be posted. Email me if you'd like me to try your products. I would really like to explore restaurants' healthy options because let's be honest, I don't cook. Please let me know if you'd like to be featured here. 

Wish me luck! Feel free to befriend me on Bodyspace 'bappletree' FYI, I don't accept requests unless you have a real photo of yourself and have logged some workouts. Let's go after that $20,000!

Additional goal: log in a total of 500k lbs on Bodyspace and I'll reward myself somehow. I really want property but that's quite a hefty reward. Perhaps I'll just buy me a Louis. I don't have one of those. 


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