#BernsFashionChallenge - June 2016

Are you on Instagram?
Do you love fashion?
Want to give back to the community?

I would like to invite ladies to join #BernsFashionChallenge for the entire month of June. This started because I wanted to help one of my young bartenders find a path and she mentioned fashion as an interest. What better way than to be exposed to it, talk about it and just be fashionable? I have taken my staff shopping, personally shop for a friend of mine and am 'physically memorable' (4 Ways to Make Yourself Memorable and Leave Great Impressions, Entrepreneur.com.) I do so thru fashion. This young bartender of mine and fellow Gator will be going to de Young's Museum later this month to see the Oscar De La Renta exhibit and hope to attend some other fashion events.

I am also pleased to mention that Rania, owner of a successful Instagram blog, Craft & Clothes (@craftandclothes) will be participating in the challenge. She has inspired me. Please follow her! I love this post in particular and the 21st Amendment Watermelon beer is delicious!

What to do:
All you have to do is post a photo once a day on Instagram of your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) with the hashtag (#BernsFashionChallenge). Be sure to tag/mention who and what you're wearing. 

I am working with professionals in the fashion industry to provide special offers to participants. Listings of the offers will be here on this post but how to redeem it will be sent via email to participants only. If you are a fashion industry professional and would like to offer the participants a discount, please email me your offerings. Offerings must be available the entire month of June. Mentions, links, likes and tags will be generated.

Current Offers:
10% off orders of Stella & Dot

How to Give Back:
For every new follower I get on Instagram at the end of the month of June, I will donate a dollar to The Princess Project that promotes self-confidence and individual beauty thru providing local teens to get a prom dress and accessories that otherwise could not afford them. You may also do this yourself or choose another non-profit of your choice.

Bernadette's Instagram followers as of May 31st:  642
Bernadette's Instagram followers as of June 30th:  TBD

Participants will earn you an invitation to an appreciation event with the other participants, designers, bloggers with lite appetizers, discounted cocktails and of course fashion at Dirty Water in San Francisco on Saturday, July 2nd. I will be inviting photographers so be camera ready.

To participate, email me at bappletree@gmail.com with your Instagram username and where you're from. Please also indicate whether or not I can list you as people to follow as a participant.

Participants - 8 Opted to be listed:
Danielle, San Francisco - @danielle.shareshian

Participants will earn an entry for each post to win Michael Kors wristlet ($108 value), a Georgio Armani Acqua di Gioia roller ball ($24), and a bracelet from the newly renovated SF MOMA ($15 value).

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to seeing your posts and meeting you on July 2nd.

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter - @bappletree 


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