I'm a Bad Ass

I knew that after 6 months of DW opening, I wasn't going to have a life. Eleven months and our slowest month ever later, I am again having to make sacrifices to keep things going and exceed expectations.

It's stressful. Adjusting to any change can be. Though I am not on the verge of tears, this reminds me of a time that a boyfriend and I were in Las Vegas having dinner. We got into an argument and I had to excuse myself from the table and clean up my face because I was hurting. I was standing at the mirror, wiping my eyes, and the bathroom attendant handed me a folded up piece of paper.  

It said "God only gives you what you can handle."

I pressed the note to my chest, looked at her, attempted to smile thru the tears and nodded as a way of saying thank you. I still have that 14-year-old piece of paper on my vanity and see it every day. She was right. Fights like that continued thru the many years, with one ending up in a marriage proposal that I rejected. We eventually had enough and we broke up. I'd say I handled that. It just took some time.  

As mentioned, I have gone thru many trials including being a product of a divorced family and even gone thru a divorce myself. But I have rose above all of it, it has made me stronger and helped me figure out what I do and do not want in my life.

With these new changes and pressures, I have put some things on hold and am having to do so again. This is of course a choice but like everything else, I'll figure it out because...

Wish me luck! Or even better yet, want to help? Ask!

Are you a bad ass as well? Please say hello below!


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