The Slanted Door & Sunshine

The wonderful ladies I have had the pleasure to work with and am proud to call my friends deserved to be treated to an absolutely delicious lunch at a restaurant worthy of the First Lady of the United States @FLOTUS, as seen on Twitter. The Slanted Door has repeatedly made the list of being one of the best restaurants in San Francisco and I used to have to book reservations here for a former boss, a lawyer and ex-Commissioner of The Port of Oakland. This was my first visit to The Slanted Door.

You've seen the silly Periscope videos from our icebox of an office, you've seen the hashtag #BernTina and #sunshineNunicorn and oh, the SnapChats (@bappletree)! If not, you missed out on an era that has come to an end at DW. Christina was my Events Manager, my confidant and the last person I opened up to and cried about my deepest fears and pain that has partially made me who I am today. She earned the nickname Sunshine because that smile you see below greeted me every morning (let's be honest, every afternoon) when I slid that door open to our office and said hello. Seeing her smiling face at the very beginning of my work day started the day off right. Her energy and positively was contagious and she was also another reason why I didn't want to fail at my job. She was my Sunshine. The name stuck and I found myself calling her that in conversation with people when she wasn't even nearby.

My Sunshine has left DW to find her true passion, to challenge herself and to do it independently in distant lands with no definite plans of returning to the States. It's bold, courageous, scary and exciting. I couldn't be more happy for her. I hope to one day meet her in some foreign place and we can laugh and joke and pick up as if she never left. I look forward to her WhatsApp messages and incoming FaceTime requests. 

Be safe, my Sunshine. I will always be here for you. Thank you for making my world bright.

Our dear Mercedes also took flight and is moving on from the dirty waters that consume me. Our sweet Merk-a-Derk has been missed dearly by me. Just today I said her name and I needed a second after remembering she's no longer with us. She left a few days before Sunshine and was the inspiration for a recent post about wanting to be better and passing it on. Merk was originally going to join us for this luncheon but family called. I am sure I'll see her again soon.

Thank you to the Slanted Door for being a place I will always remember. I have been wanting to dine here for years. My good friend, Nikki, even gifted the book a few years ago when I was on my mission to be more knowledgeable about all things culinary, restaurant and bar related while opening up Dirty Water. I finally had an opportunity to experience why The Slanted Door is incredibly successful.

The decor wasn't over the top, the views past the tourists and ferry commuters are of Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge and there was outdoor seating available. The service was quick but friendly. The food: absolutely to die for. There wasn't a morsal that I didn't like and I can't even say which was my favorite.

Blogger at work in my Prada sunglasses, Banana Republic dress, Zunni Layering Necklace ($98) by Stella & Dot and my typical work-ready lazy hair do that Justina Downs taught me to do.

Like all good things, they eventually have to come to an end. This meal was quite memorable, but my Sunshine & Merk, unforgettable.


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