May Blogging Goals - 2016

It is a new month and April was the best in hits in almost three years. That is improvement! What did I do?

As stated in Color U Bold's post, I had to create content so I posted once a day. I had 23 postings but updated some posts to add more content to existing posts to count for my postings that day. I participated in a webinar on how to make money off your blog. I updated my About Me page and bought my URL again. I owned it before but didn't do anything with it. I am trying to be more engaging and comment on Instagram posts and tweets of other bloggers and I have pinned my blog images onto boards on Pinterest. 

One article I read on Entrepreneur, 4 Ways to Make Yourself Memorable and Leave Great Impressions, told me I was on the right track. I hope this is well communicated in my blog.

1) I network like crazy. I know a lot of people and have heard some wonderful feedback from other female businesswomen. It is great to work with them. I have a list of almost everyone I have met over the years and it's at about 3,000 names with their contact info, role and with which company, when was the last time I interacted with them and how I can remember them. It has helped me refresh my memory as we are all growing older everyday. It kind of reminds me of the scene in The Devil Wear Prada when Andie had to give Miranda highlights of who people were that were approaching her at a social gathering.

2) I am physically identifiable. I have been told that I am the best dressed at my establishment. I have taken my coworkers shopping and a friend has given me a $1,000 spending limit to buy her some cute clothes. One of my bartenders came into my office and said, "I can't wait to see what you're going to wear for the events tonight. You're always dressed to the nines." Thanks to Stella & Dot for adding a little sparkle.

3) Communicate authentically and add value. This touches on that database I have builded and it continues to grow. When communicating, add value to their connection with you. Recommend a wine they might like, or see if they're going to the next Los Lonely Boys concert because you met them at a KFOG performance a few years back. You don't need to benefit financially every single time you connect with someone. Benefits come in many forms and having great relationships is invaluable.

4) Becoming a Connecter. Be the go to person to know the best places to eat, what to drink at a local dive bar, but also someone who can help get their foot in the door at a tech firm for a graduate. I am doing just that. I am helping one of my staff find a full-time job in events, encouraging them to network, blog and document events and happenings in the industry they want to be in. I have asked around and forwarded their LinkedIn profiles but also asked them to look thru my contacts to see if they want to meet anyone in particular.

Taking these four steps, executing other tips from other successful bloggers and marketers has me reaching to surpass April's stats all around. Not only am I tracking blogging stats, I am tracking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, Swarm, Google+ and Pinterest stats. There are so many ways to connect and help get this blog some attention. I'm having fun learning because I have goals.

Recently, I have been saying that all I want is a beach house in Hawaii. I had a conversation recently with a stranger and said it outloud, that above and beyond that, I want to help people be better, live better and encourage to pass it on. The Chobani video that announced the owner giving all their employees part ownership was inspiring. I want to do that! I want to live so comfortably that I can share it with every one.

I had a bittersweet conversation with a young woman that has recently entered my life. She had some challenging decisions to make and she sat me down to let me know there were good changes ahead. I was proud of her for having the courage to do what was best for her and I support her like I feel I always have. She said I was the sister that she never had, that she looked up to, finds me inspirational, strong, independent and that she wants to be me. When at a crossroad, she asks herself, "What would Bernadette do?"

I don't want to let her down so it is people like her and possibly people I have never even met that motivate me to be better, live better and encourage others to pass it on.

Because of YOU, I'm not going to give up.

There are my long-terms goals but every month I want to make some progress. I will continue to post once a day and hope to double my hits this month. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspires you to go after what you want and deserve.

To May!


  1. Congratulations on such a great April!

  2. This definitely inspired me!!! Now i gotta get back on my posting game this month!!! I'm gonna be doing more post this month! You are doing great keep it up and thanks for inspiring meeeee!!!

    Jasmine :)

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