"To make each girl a CEO"

Call it my Throwback Thursday (#tbt) as I my goal is to attack that stack on my nightstand of things to read, the March 2016 copy of Glamour Magazine has fellow divorcee, Gwyneth Paltrow, on the cover. An Oscar-winning actress, singer and now beauty mogul is the owner of Goop.com. I honestly have never visited their website but I am now following it on Twitter because of her quote:

Gwyneth Paltrow & Partner's objective "to make ea one of these girls (on their staff) a CEO."

YESS!!! I usually like to give the small companies a chance but this is inspiring. As stated in other blog posts, I am realizing that I am a mentor. People, mainly my staff, are watching me. My former Office Manager made me cry when she expressed how I how motivate her before she made her departure. I don't want to disappoint. And like Gwyneth, I do want to see all of my staff do amazing things with their lives. Maybe being a CEO isn't what they want and that is OK. I do want them to be the CEO of their lives though and choose to be happy.

I had a lovely evening with my new Office Manager, a 22-year-old, bright, young lady and fellow San Francisco State University. Though there's a big age gap, we are finding that we have many similarities. Perhaps both being Pinay, perhaps going through the same struggles together at a one-year-old company. I am looking forward to us learning from each other, and seeing what this experience leads her to.


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