#BernsFashionChallenge - Done!

Well, my first attempt at my own fashion challenge was fun. A big shout out to Danielle S. of San Francisco, California for participating. If you haven't seen her pics on Instagram, check it out. The woman's got some style!

This challenge was to fundraise for The Princess Project in San Francisco. They provide prom dresses to girls that would not be able to afford them and promote self-confidence and individual beauty. My staff has made comments that they liked my outfit and almost posted a picture of their outfit of the day but reconsidered. Katie, a hostess of mine turned barback turned non-profit content coordinator in Oakland, California, overheard her new coworkers say that she has some style. I liked the smile that came to her face as she told me this story. Cristen, though not part of the challenge has ended up my twin on several occasions, plus we even ordered the same lunch yesterday. #Twinning

My business partner say that one of my talents to get people to notice. Here are some stats from the challenge.

48 new followers
Last Week's Likes: 200
Total Likes: 928

And recap of outfits - 

Starting the day off at the gym has been the norm. My sweet friend, Sarah, sent me my first Alex and Ani bracelet. And it's penguin! I love them! Thank you, Sarah! This was a thank you note for helping her with her bridal shower in May.  See my City Beaches post.

The evening was spent seeing Cabaret at the Golden Gate Theater with a dancer and server of ours, Annie. One day we'll see her perform! She was excited to go and it was nice to see that she let her hair down. Jewelry was of course by Stella & Dot.

Thursday was a day of working at home and that means lounging in comfy clothes after the gym. Champion tank, my FitBit and my Choose Scottsdale shirt I got from a great client of ours.

Friday was White House Black Market jeans, BCBG heels, a Coach belt, jewelry by Stella & Dot and a top from Express that I have had for over 10 years. It's still good! Had to share the old modeling pic.

Saturday was a day off! Well not entirely. I worked that evening but I headed down to Salinas, California for my Uncle Johnny's 100th birthday party. It was great to see my family and get out of town. I had to stop and get an Acai Supercharger from Jamba Juice. Delish! Sunglasses by Prada, jewelry by Stella & Dot, tank from Mossimo I believe, jeans by White House Black Market and my 49ers jacket from the Sports Authority closing sale. Is it football season yet???

Sunday was back to work for a busy brunch for Pride. It was a great event. Kudos to Baker & MacKenzie! I love companies that are involved in the neighborhood and support the LGBTQ community. Bag and jewerly by Stella & Dot, my FitBit, top from Forever 21, jeans by White House Black Market, belt by Coach and flats by Kenneth Cole.

Monday was taking my Bevo to the vet as he had kennel cough again. He went to his daycare over two weeks before and hasn't been to a groomer or dog park since so he must have gotten it from them. Poor thing sounded terrible. So it was a working from home day again in my Warriors Dash t-shirt and playing on Snapchat 'bappletree' while we waited for the vet, his prescription and to pay $150. Fun, right?

Tuesday was low-key so it was Stella & Dot jewelry to turn up a simple outfit with a Forever 21 top, White House Black Market jeans and Michael Kors flats. 

It got cold in San Francisco, California on Wednesday when I met Danielle S. at The Orpheum to see the fun show, Beauty and the Beast. I loved it! I wanted to sing all the songs and it was really funny. Danielle and I both had our grey coats on. This Bebe jacket was a result of me winning a royal flush on a machine while in Downtown Vegas many years ago. I was just playing to get free drinks and wait for my ex til he was done playing poker at the tables. I remember hitting it and I immediately reached out to the stranger that was walking by! I guess I just had to share something that has never happened to me before. I took the winnings and bought me a jacket in the desert. I love it. 

And to the last day of June, I hit the gym and signed up for Bodybuilding.com's next 8-week fitness challenge to win $20,000. We all could use some extra cash, right? I'd love to buy more property! Well here's me in my purple get up from Champion, Brooks and my shaker bottle. Underneath was my CaliMuscle tank. One day I'll visit the store in Campbell, California. I first came across them while supporting my little, big cousin in his first fitness competition in Hayward, California. How inspiring. 

Thank you for reading! To everyone's next level! 


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