Sexy In Her Skin - Boudoir with Angie Capri

No matter what color your skin is, how much you weigh or how old you are, every woman is beautiful and sexy. Angie Capri helps you remember that.

Angie Capri in Concord, California is a photographer with wedding and now boudoir experience. I met her at a shopping event with other small businesses and entrepreneurs in Antioch, California many years ago when I was putting much more effort in my Stella & Dot business. Her photos were beautiful and I have followed her work on social media since then.

She sent out an email looking for models to test her new skills and tips she learned from a workshop on boudoir photography. I haven't had a shoot since working with Dylan and Jasmin HERE. It was fun. Every lady loves getting all dolled up and a chance to feel beautiful so why not? I applied and scheduled a shoot for July 18th.

Angie is very well organized and provides you all the information you need with time to think about it and prepare. She communicates well and during the shoot, her enthusiasm makes you want to hold that uncomfortable post just a tad bid longer. I was sore the next day for sure.

My hair and make up was done by The Makeup Movement LLC in Dublin, California. Annie Lim and Angie have worked as a team for years and they now have 11 photo shoots scheduled together to build their portfolios. I left Annie's town home feeling beautiful and glamourous. I'm sure you will too.

I am so impressed with these businesswomen and their set-ups. The front living space of Annie's town home was her work space with a director's chair for makeup application and using natural light from her large front window.  Then a swivel chair for hair and a vanity and a Nespresso machine that officially makes you friends with George Clooney and Danny DeVito. I don't know make up so I had no idea what brands like Lura were about. Annie sure did and had a lot of different brushes, powders, compacts and hair products. What caught my eye was the bling in the corner of headbands and headpieces that is very in in the bridal world. She placed on on me!

Angie's work space is near the drive-in and an area with an office, bathroom and a studio with tinted windows. She assured me that we'll see anyone approaching before they see me in my 'unmentionables,' as a long-time guy friend also refers chonies to. She has purchased unique furniture from thrift stores and has an old tub she got from a family member that was planning on throwing it away. I have some awesome shots in these tubs in my Jimmy Choo's and a sexy garter from the South.

I brought four pairs of shoes, four hats, my mask from Venice, many of my roommate's ties, newly purchased lingerie from Victoria's Secret, Macy's by Heidi Klum, DKNY and Lily of France, plus my girlfriend's Army camos but we didn't use them. Tip for shoots when you are using your own wardrobe - more is better! Having a lot to choose from is better than not having the right gear. It was fun to see Angie's creative mind at work as she tossed my bras and panties around and paired them with the hats, jewelry and heels. Her giggle is quite adorable.

We had so much fun that I was there for four hours. I think I want to do more shoots! Angie showed me some pics during the session and I was amazed at how awesome they looked. I was self conscious about my not-so-toned tummy but most of them looked really great. I can't wait to share them soon.

If you would like to work with Angie or Annie, please contact them! You won't regret it. These pictures are proof and will remind you that you are sexy and beautiful just the way you are. It reminded me that on days I feel like I'm getting older or my pants are feeling a bit tight, through someone else's eyes, I am beautiful and I should think the same thing and love myself. I'm not perfect but nor are the touched up models in magazines or filter Instagram images. Remember that. The more I can love who I am and appreciate the reflection in mirror, the more confidence I have and people will see it. I hope I motivate others to have the courage to also love themselves. 

Here are some really old photos from previous shoots when I was younger. I didn't start doing shoots because I thought I was beautiful. I just wasn't afraid of the camera. Today, that's still very true.

Cannot wait to get Angie's photos!

My first photo shoot in San Francisco with

Along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Apparently there's a painting of my legs somewhere in Los Angeles.

My first shoot with a mask. I still have that top & choker.

I still love those kind of wedges.

I believe this was taken at Santa Clara University.

I still have this dress.

I still have this top.
My sister & I - a present for my father. 

Doing extra work in San Francisco. Funny story with this one.


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