So Much Talent

What an honor it was to work with Dylan Douglas Photography again in January. See our 2014 photo shoot HERE. This time I introduced him to Hair Stylist, Jasmin Rouse. I met Jasmin while at a mutual friend's wedding in Kauai in October. We immediately became friends. Her husband was the Best Man and I went stag so we had some time to get to know each other.  She is a mother of two, also lives in the East Bay and is quite the beauty. You can't miss her. It makes sense that she would have the talent to make people look and feel beautiful.

While house and dog sitting for friends over Thankgiving weekend in Brentwood, Ca, I thought Jasmin and I could catch up. We met up at my favorite spot in the area for sushi, Shirasoni, and had drinks, sushi and teppenyaki. I used to do a Stella & Dot jewelry display on Thursday nights there so it was good to see some staff I used to see on a weekly basis. Plus, I am always willing to help folks that have helped me. 

Jasmin and I got to know each other a little better and continued our evening discussing her ambitions and dreams at BJ's at The Streets of Brentwood. She works at Changes Salon & Day Spa in Walnut Creek and has a love for color and is in the process of obtaining additional training. I personally haven't colored my hair since I was in high school and have never invested the money in a professional dye job as I would be terrible at maintaining it. I said I would love to be a hair model for her but let's start with a cut first.  Plus, I would love to introduce her to my friend, Dylan. I loved the photos that Dylan took of me the year before. I am sure I would love what Jasmin had in store for me. I was just trying to grow out my hair but was open to her cutting it however she wanted to.

I introduced Dylan and Jasmin via email and thought we could all do a shoot together. We figured out a date and I stepped into Changes for the first time. I am FB friends with a girl from high school and this is her spot. This was a new experience for me and though Jasmin said they just renovated, I didn't have anything to compare it to.  I sat in her chair and thoroughly enjoyed getting my hair washed. Then it was time to let her do her magic. 

A cut was long overdue. It felt great. But I wasn't done yet.  We traveled out to Livermore, CA where Dylan has a studio set up and I had some wine while Jasmin put my hair in her Kevin Murphy rollers and did my makeup. She knew what she was doing. She had everything she needed. I'm not as 'girly' so I don't put too much time into my makeup because I never took the time to play or watch tutorials like many lovers of all things beauty do. I did go to a pin-up hair and make-up class by Pachuca Cosmetics with my ex-Bride client turned friend, Kristin (find her at Valdeezie_Glam on Instagram). And still use the gel jet liner to this day. I haven't come across a product I like more for my eyes but then again, I haven't looked very hard.

During the shoot, Jasmin had really great ideas, continued to touch up my make up, move my hair in certain ways, and even suggested modeling poses. I have to say my fierce and inner and deeply hidden BeyoncĂ© didn't want to come out. Dylan asked me to hold certain poses, angle my body in different ways and used different lighting and hair blown effects. I think the below photos turned out pretty well.

If you agree, please consider making an appointment with Jasmin at Changes in Walnut Creek, CA, and booking Dylan Douglas Photography. They are both good at what they do.

Can you tell which Stella & Dot necklace I am wearing?

Dress by Hot Miami Styles

And here are some other photos of how I have done my hair after the shoot. The second one is all natural with absolutely no product in it and it was washed the night before. I just realized these are very sporty shots. GO GIANTS! GO NINERS! See other ways I have styled my hair post Jasmin's hair cut HERE.


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