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Mike Brown
Alton Sterling
Philando Castile

Names that the whole country is familiar with. African American men that are no longer with us at the hands of law enforcement. Apparently there are over 150 other names that should be added to the above list according to the media. And that's just this year! It's only July, People.

What is the world coming to?

There are so many things the country, states, county and city governments can do and we all can peacefully make a stand and make our voices be heard. There have been protests all over the country and one marched down Market Street in San Francisco just last night, July 8, 2016. I think a true and effective way to change the world is start to with yourself as an individual and spread more love.

One, love yourself. Be the difference you want to see in the world and lead by example. It's contagious. Whether you're African American, Latino, Asian, it doesn't matter. Notice how color isn't mentioned? Every group of ethnic backgrounds have a past, a history, where cruelty and pain have occurred. That doesn't mean that we have to hold onto it, continue to be angry and let it be in the way of our happiness. We definitely should not let history repeat itself! It definitely shouldn't be retaliated against now and when we feel we are strong and able to. Learn from it and leave a positive mark in this world. With the media highlighting so much terrible news on a daily basis, be the light that is worth mentioning and will make everyone notice. 

Everyone deserves love and respect regardless of the color of their skin. Wouldn't you hate to be hated and disrespected by people you don't even know? Everyone is so quick to judge. I am Asian. I do meet some stereotypes but not all of them. I'm an individual and like you, there's only one me. Give people a chance. They might surprise you. This goes for people of different ethnicities, ages, genders, backgrounds. Enlighten people.

I was so disturbed by the articles and details I was reading at the gym yesterday of the recent shootings in Louisana and Texas and it increased my heart rate. I felt pressure was on my chest. I immediately started to draft this post. This needs to stop. People CHOOSE to work very hard to get into law enforcement to serve and protect. But some are doing damage to those they have sworn to serve and protect. It is also a choice when they pull that trigger. It is a choice to standby and not provide medical attention while someone that was wrongfully injured. It is a choice to defend the entire system publicly and not admit fault. Without acknowledging the problem, there will be no solution.

Every day, every single person has the ability to make their own choices. How are you choosing to make a difference? As I do every day, I say goodbye and wish the gent at the front desk of my gym a good day before he notices me. He's black, by the way. Do I care? No. He's a person. While walking to my car, a Middle eastern woman heading in my direction had her head down. As she got closer, I said good morning loud enough for her to hear me and I smiled. She said the same thing and her face lit up. I love the post I wrote about smiling to a homeless man near Civic Center over 10 years ago. Acts of random kindness, People. I choose to surround myself with good people and I hope they keep me in their lives for the same reason. Their ethnicity makes no difference to me. I am all for people being proud of their heritage, but honestly, live up to it! Be a representative of African Americans, Asians, American Indians, Pakistanis, French, etc that is good for the world, not just one group.

All lives matter.

Spread it around. More love.

Had a nice discussion with my roommate last night that just happens to be black. He feels like he needs to do something. He just hasn't figured it exactly how yet. He feels like the new hashtags of #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter makes #BlackLivesMatter less important or it's now disregarded. I do think all lives matter and the fact that Blacks are targeted is an issue. I am just trying not to focus on the color of people's skin. See everyone as a human being. 

My roommate gave me personal instances where he and friends were treated unfairly by law enforcement.  I was shocked and am sorry he feels a bit on edge whenever he's driving anywhere in fear of getting pulled over and cited for some bullshit reason. Everyone deserves respect. I just read in Women's Health (March 2016, page 173) about a hostage negotiator suggests introducing yourself in getting what you want more often. "When names are in the mix, you create 'forced empathy' and your opponent sees you as a fellow human being." It is sad that people need to be reminded that we are the same species and need to share this world, ideally at peace. This will not solve the issue but a simple reality check of stating you are a person and human being might help.


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