Triggered Memories to "Makita Studio: A Love Letter" & ARC

In response to my cousin's posting Makita Studio: A Love Letter, it triggered a memory and an act of random kindness (ARC from Steve Carrell's Evan Almighty) that happened to me in Sin City of all places.

"My ex and I were in Vegas many years ago and we got into a huge fight. I excused myself to the bathroom from the restaurant floor to catch my breath and wipe my tears. I stood in front of the mirror looking down, and the female bathroom attendant, without saying a word, handed me a torn off, folded up piece of paper with "God only gives us what we can handle" handwritten on it. Of course it made me cry even more. I smiled and said 'thank you'. She smiled in return. I still have that piece of paper in a box on my vanity."

I probably had the most fun working at City Beach in Fremont, Ca where I wore many hats (Shocker, I know.) The COO actually poached me from my other job and the Restaurant Manager had to hire me. He seemed like a bit unhappy but when he had a good time, he had a good time. You wanted nothing but to see him smile because they were so far in between. Shortly after I began as a bartender, he decided to leave City Beach . And before he left he wished me good luck and said I would do very well there because "a smile goes a long way."

Another fond memory is when I was taking Bart into the city to work at Trader Vic's. It's no surprise that there are homeless folks on the street. I even saw a man just starting to urinate in between two cars, outside a Mediterranean deli. One sunny morning, I walked along the large San Francisco Library towards City Hall and I noticed up ahead there was a homeless man sitting cross-legged with his back against the wall. He was wearing dirty khaki pants and a red t-shirt, and his hair in disarray. I had my iPod on but I could still hear him ask me for some change as I approached. I smiled and apologized, and he just lit up like the Fourth of July. He screamed with his hands in the air, "That's what I want to see! Great smile! YOU have a great day!" I couldn't help but smile.

To recap:
Words of support and encouragement do not need to be spoken.
A smile goes a long way.
ARCs won't cost you the change in your pocket.

Spread some cheer everyday! You just might brighten someone's day.


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