AIDS WAlk San Francisco - July 18, 2010

This was my 10th AIDS Walk San Francisco.
I’ve always had a goal of becoming a Star Walker but I was never able to raise $1,000. I raised the most I ever had in 2009 at $375, and I just realized that I was only $5 behind this year from that. So I only raised $370. I should have sponsored myself. I did try to raise money by making sugar cookies. I spent one long night making them and putting them in little treat bags with a note as to what the cookies were for, a link to my sponsor page, my Event Planning page and my Wellness International page. I brought a container to work and a small container for DB to take to work as well. Many folks at his office sponsored me and enjoyed the cookies. I was amazed! At my office, everyone ate the cookies but no sponsors. Sheesh! Well, except for AFTER the walk. Someone did make up for everyone’s consumption. It was a lot of work and I think I’ve mastered making the cookies. They were pretty good.

As always, the walk was around Golden Gate Park. There were morning warm-ups, speeches and free food and drinks. Many booths for the many teams and long lines for the port-a-potties near the carousel which I have never laid eyes on until this event. My sister came with me this time and it was a fun experience for her. Marilu Renner from Taxi was there. We called for her but it seemed like she didn’t want to come by for a photo. Two gals from San Francisco’s WICKED, Alyssa Fox and Libby Servais were there as well. I didn’t know their names at the time so I just called out “Elphie” and “Glinda” and they were nice enough to pose for a photo with me. I read the book almost four years ago and DB took me the show last year for my 29th birthday. I do not believe these ladies were part of the cast in September of 2009.

Here’s my sis and I.

Then we started the walk. We took baby steps towards the starting line. There were dogs everywhere! I decided not to take the Beeves because he’d go nuts with the 1000s of people around that he would pull and pull until he chokes out after a mile. So perhaps when he’s older and calmer he’ll go on one of these walks.

The same entertainment from previous years were along the route: steel drum players, belly dancers, the Japanese drummers, Cal Berkeley’s band, etc. People came in costume, held signs with their loved one’s photo on it who has been affected by the disease and took samples from Pop Chips, Doritos, Popsicles and granola bars. There was even a girl carrying around a box of condoms for people to take. Good idea!

This walk was a bit tiring for me, I’m not sure why. My feet were hurting a lot and I could not wait to get to the car and go home. But we made it and I got a sticker to put on my 2003 AIDS Walk hat that I was wearing that I completed this year’s. YAY!

From my Sponsor Page, I posted why I do the AIDS Walk every year. It’s an incurable disease, Folks. With so many people that have had those one night stands with strangers and weren’t protected or the condom broke or stupidly believing the partner was ‘clean’ – no wonder its existence continues. Yes, I know there are other way to being exposed to it but I’d have to say that one session of great or HORRIBLE sex is not worth living forever with this disease. I walk because I don’t know anyone personally that has been infected and I’d like to keep it that way. Get educated, get tested, wear a condom, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t just trust everyone! It’s not worth it. There’s much of the world to see and life to experience.

I think I’ll volunteer for next year’s event instead of walk. We shall see.


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