Repeat Business is Awesome!

Thank you, Man of the Earth. That’s what I call a good friend from high school. He got that name by traveling the globe for a year for personal reasons and every now and then for race car driving, attends Burning Man, and when I craved Apple Turnovers in college he would drive his Volkswagen Golf thru bushes, parking lot islands and park on sidewalks on our search.

He hired me to do his annual company party again. I worked the same event last year and had Christy and her coworker from On The Border, Rich, fill in when a friend fell thru while I was vacationing in Las Vegas days before the event. It’s funny that again, I will be traveling home the day before this party. This time I will be driving back from Southern California for the family reunion.

I just sent off an email to the caterer we used last year, Namie’s Kitchen, to see if she is available. She did a great job and her food was delicious. She was able to work in a confined space, bring in an oven and order the rentals we needed as well. My friend and his father was very happy with the outcome. If she is available, it’ll be a pretty easy event. I will just need to confirm two servers.



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