Back to the gym before 6 AM

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am motivated to get back to the gym on a regular basis. My cousin Tiff and my sister have been working out in the morning before work. I used to do that awhile ago. One, my ex didn’t think I could do it and I proved him wrong. Then I stopped doing it because my priorities shifted. Also, Bevo is on a schedule. He gets up when I get up so I didn’t want him to get in the habit of waking up and needing to go potty at 5 AM. I ran him around the complex and that warmed me up real fast.

It just feels soooo good to work out in the morning. It wakes me up and gives me so much more energy to last me throughout the day...naturally. I asked my sis to text me when she got up at 5 AM to also motivate me to get out of bed and I did. That really helps when you think you’re going to work out with somebody as well.

I got to the gym and there were about 4 other people there at 5:25 AM. I dropped off some WIN materials on Women’s Health at the table near the lobby with other health pubs and notices. I picked up an updated group exercise schedule and it looks like they have some pretty good classes available. Since I was already warmed up from the jog with Bevo, I jumped on the treadmill and did some incline walking for 15 minutes. I then decided to work out on my chest since it is one of my weakest muscle groups. Then I realized that I haven’t lifted heavy weights in quite some time so all muscle groups will need to feel the burn. I also did some wide grip pull downs to help that flab near my underarms, and back extensions without added weight this time. Then I stretched and was reminded that I am not flexible whatsoever. I left, sat in my car, updated my log. Funny that my sis turned me onto that site and iPhone app and she doesn’t update her. Actually, no one I know personally updates theirs.

I got home, was in a really good mood and made myself a vanilla flavored ProXtreme protein shake with reduced fat milk (which is all had) and three strawberries. It was tasty. DB was still sleeping by the time I left to go to work where I took my Biolean.

Tomorrow I’ll hit the gym before my WIN meeting in San Mateo. Might do legs.


  1. I have good intentions of getting back into gyminee, ehem dailyburn.


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