Carson City, Nevada - Day One

It is 10:35 PM and I'm in the hotel room with Bevo. DB picked up a last minute game that starts at 12:30 AM for this round the clock tournament. He left us around 9 PM to head over to the fields to check out pre-tournament activities such as a home run derby. He texted me saying that the 18-year-olds are knocking them out of the park and hitting the RVs parked along the perimeter.

We left the house at about 8:30 AM. I reluctantly got out of bed at around 7 AM, did some last minute packing, crunches and used the WINSpa Enzyme Peel since I knew I was going to be getting some sun and I haven't used it in awhile.

We were on our way on 580 and haven't even left Castro Valley when we spotted a CHP car on the side. That was the first of many CHP officials we saw on our road trip. We left early enough that traffic wasn't bad at all. We stopped off in Sacramento to pick up DB' coworker and went to McDonald's for lunch. I have been craving Chicken Nuggets since I saw Eclipse with Sarah late Tuesday night. I was going to give in and eat like crap. Hell, I'm on vacation. I ordered a 10-piece box and held off on getting the meal with their delicious French Fries. I asked for a side of the Big Mac sauce for dipping purposes. Mmmm. Then we were on the road to Carson City.

I've done that drive up to South Lake Tahoe several times. Placerville is a cute town. As we drove thru the one stop light, I thought about the time we stopped off here to use the restroom on our way to Harrah's for me to see the Los Lonely Boys and check out a burrito place that was recommended years and years ago. We also drove thru Apple Hill. I've never spent a single dollar in this town but do remember pulling off for Christy and I to take a photo under a sign of the town's name. Apple (Manzano) and Hill (Christy). We were coming back from snowboarding in February of 2008. Here's Bevo and I riding shotgun thru Apple Hill.

By this time I kinda had my fill of umpire chat WITH the radio turned down. If DB hadn't turned down the radio, maybe I wouldn't mind so much but I plugged in my iPod and put on my earphones. I hope that wasn't rude. I wanted to let them talk.

We made it thru the hills and we were very close to the beautful blue lake. DB saw a white tent and a lot of people going in and out of it. I told him it was the outlet shops and the tent belonged to Adidas. He pulled in, took a quick look around but found nothing.

We finally saw Lake Tahoe up close and DB saw exactly how blue it was and was pretty amazed. He's never seen it during the day or during the summer. There was still snow on the ground when we came here in 2008. We passed Harrah's and I thought about the good times I've had there with LLB and La Onda. Ah, memories.

We arrived in Carson City, dropped off Josh at the Gold Dust West Casino which DB said was almost $200/night. Really? It was attached to a casino and a bowling alley. That's a first. Then we found our hotel closer to downtown. Which is perfect because I'm going to do the Wine Walk tomorrow. Yes, all by myself. I have no shame. :) We're paying $50/night and we're on the second floor, at the end, has two big windows and is pretty darn large. A queen size bed, 7 cabinets, two sofa chairs, a pull out couch, two chairs and extendable table, microwave, coffee maker, and fridge. Oh, and a television but not a large one. Yes, it has ESPN for my Blue. We relaxed for a bit and of course DB took a lttle nap. There isn't anywhere he can't sleep. I played on the comp for a bit with Grey's Anatomy playing (I've never seen the show) and eventually took a little nap with him.

He woke up hungary and I searched on Yelp for something to eat. Italian sounded good but from my searches weeks prior, the cuisine isn't anything special in this area. So we just got in rhe car and drove around. We ended up at the park where DB was going to umpire and toured the facilities. It was pretty deserted though activities were to start in an hour's time. But it seemed like they were pretty well set and ready. On our way out we ran into Ed, who was the Tournament Director, and DB asked where was a good place to eat that wasn't a dive bar. He pointed us in the direction of the Gold Dust West Casino.

We parked and ate at Ole Ole. You'll see from my Yelp review of the experience but the food was eh. Real cool decor and very friendly service but the food OK. I had the sopapillas and they had nothing on Chevy's version. DB was looking thru a free entertainment pub that literally consisted of four pages. He saw the wine event I was going to check out tomomrrow and I reminded him that I was going to go to it. He asked, "Alone?" Yup! He said he was sorry that he couldn't go with me a couple of times and that felt nice because he usually doesn't mention anything. But I know the intention of us coming up here was for him to work and he enjoys it so I told him that I understand. Here is us towards the end of our meal.

We headed back to our hotel and relaxed watching Comedy Central until he had to leave us. I took Bevo for a walk and found myself grabbing some info for a local spa literally less than a block away. The placed used Arbonne which is a WINspa competitor so I can't really do business there. I do wonder how his business is doing though.

And now I'm blogging... Day 1 down.


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