3 Events in 3 Weeks

Tonight’s the wedding rehearsal and tomorrow is the wedding. I’ve touched base with the vendors I have worked closely with and the rest is up to the future sister-in-law and the bride. Apparently she has not been told that I am coming tonight or tomorrow. She knows of me but I am not sure if my role is crystal clear to all parties. My goal is to knock it all out tonight at the Decathlon Club. Stay tuned for wedding vendor info from this wedding for your vendor selection process.

I came up with the verbiage for the advice cards. I printed them onto card stock the bride has provided me, used the cutting board at work to cut much straighter edges than if I had done them freehand. I also printed the place cards and tied a red ribbon around them. I provided the bride with them last weekend and she was very happy with them. I’m so pleased.

The poor thing has been a bit stressed out the last time I saw her and could have really used the help and support of her family. I believe the groom has been excellent and very helpful. It’s great to see a groom very much involved in the process and provides his opinion when requested. When I see her tonight, I do hope things have calmed down. I have sent her a couple of emails with no reply but they aren’t life altering. I could get my answers this evening. My goal is for her to be a calm, happy bride tomorrow.

I will also be MC-ing tomorrow’s event so I will need to make sure I pronounce everyone’s names correctly. And, hmm, what to wear???

The reunion in Carlsbad is almost two weeks away. I have updated the list of “Things We Need” with items that will be supplied by family members. I spent quite a bit of time on a decorative piece that will be placed near the parking lot. I received quite a bit of decorative items from my purchases from eBay. Among other things I need to do, I have to book my hotel room and define my travel plans.

The Company Party on the 16th, the day after I drive back from Southern California, is going well. It will be pretty simple. The caterer is fantastic and I should devote more time on details starting next week. I have one of two servers booked and will nail down another server soon.

I am looking forward to continuing networking at industry events, take advantage of being a NEW Manager for Wellness International and promote the heck out of it and my Notary Public services, and just making progress and moving forward.


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