Olinda Organic Farms - Coffee

My dear friend and fellow Los Lonely Boys La Onda Street Team member owns Olinda Organic Farms on Maui, Hawaii with her husband. She provided me a sample late last month on her NorCal visit. And today I am sharing it with my office and asked for their feedback.

It is 100% Maui coffee, medium/dark roast, 20% organically grown and 80% Maui estate grown.

For more info, call 808-572-8306. Of course, tell Martha and Rob that Bernadette sent you!

I was sent some packets for the goodie bags Onda By The Bay usually give to the Los Lonely Boys to show our appreciation for always coming to the Bay Area with a handful of shows. Due to Henry's fall, he is still in pain and had to cancel the show in Carmel. I gave out the samples to a couple of the owners of my dog walking clients. Here's one feedback.

I'm glad I can help get the word out for my friends.


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