No Alcohol Until Mexico

Four glasses of wine was had during yesterday’s delicious luncheon with Crystal at Chez Maman in Hayes Valley. We ladies work from home and have the freedom to get together for an outing mid-week. I know, in a nutshell, life is hard. We had the escargot and I had to have the carbonara, because I have been on the search for California's best carbonara since my Italy trip last year. With Crystal’s good looks, we were comped a steak tartar, a creme brûlée and dessert wine. It’s nice to have beautiful friends.

With not being where I want to be for my week-long cruise on Holland America (book via me HERE!) and inevitable bikini-clad beach exploring, I need to step up my workout and my diet. I was working pretty hard for my best friend’s holiday party in San Francisco but a lot more of improvement is needed. This One Busy Bee has SIX job titles. I have to make it work.

Jewelry by Stella & Dot

I have decided when I just parked at the gym this morning and two weeks til our departure, I am going to cut alcohol. Thanks for visiting my blog for updates and let’s be friends on! Could always use the support. I am almost near 1 million pounds lifted. And I’m befriending more lady lifters. A lot of males send me friend requests but love supporting my fellow ladies working on themselves!



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