Whisk(e)y Log

In addition to the new California Winery Log I started after seeing a Tweet by Visit California that there were 4,000 wineries in California AND my love for whiskey/whisky, it is only fitting I have a log for the whiskies I have tried too. I prefer Japanese whisky and neat.

I have a lot to learn about the spirit. I have completed Whisk(e)y Distilled and am always drawn to articles on whiskey. I foresee Christina and I taking our spontaneous trip to either Nashville, Tennessee or Lexington, Kentucky this year. Stay tuned for that.

The list below will be in alphabetical order. If a C is next to it, it means I have had it in a cocktail.

Any recommendations or tasting offerings would be appreciated! Contact me.

Benheim Original - Wheat Whiskey
Buffalo Trace
Compass Box - The Peat Monster - Enjoyed at Honor Bar in Emeryville, CA
Had it at Honor Bar in Emeryville, CA
Four Roses
Glenmorangie - Milsean
Hard Dog Peach Whiskey
High West
- Double Rye
- Prairie Bourbon
Iwai - Japan
Jeremiah Weed Root Beer
John Bark
Kavalan - Podium

Knob Creek
- Claremont, Kentucky - Bourbon. - Feed a Cold
McKenzie - Burdett, NY
- 20 Year
Mosswood - Berkeley, CA
- Scotch Barrel at the Whiskies of the World event 2017 in San Francisco, CA.
Noah's Mill - Kentucky
Pappy Van Winkle - 23 Year
At DW after a hard week
Rowan's Creek - Kentucky Bourbon
Seven Stills - San Francisco, CA - Chocasmoke
Seven Stills - San Francisco, CA - Dogpatch
Seven Stills - San Francisco, CA - Fluxuate
St. George Spirits
Talisker - Single Malt Scotch Whiskey - 10 Year - Enjoyed at Hotel Utah, San Francisco, Ca
Teeling Whiskey - Small Batch
Traverse City Whiskey - Batch 9
Oban 14


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