Who has time to go to look through recipes, make a list of things you need, go to the grocery store, dodge unattended children, stand in line to pay for items that just might go bad in your fridge? My neighbor uses Plated and sent me a free box to try the service.

I signed up, selected how many servings and how often I wanted to receive the shipment and also selected what dishes I wanted to cook and eat. It has been amazing! In the few months I have been using it, I have cooked 18 recipes and used 243 ingredients - some I've never used before. I've never cooked bok choy, chicken larb or flounder, or personally used ghee, sumac or gochujang before. In a Bon Appetit magazine, a Chef stated that recipes are more like guidelines. You can modify as necessary and to your preference. I definitely do.

The cost is around $55 per box for a total of four servings. Not bad when this girl usually spends $50 in one decent meal. Plated exposes me to new recipes, ingredients, helps me improve my cooking and it's fun. My roommate gets to taste everything so he's lucky to be in the house. If I don't like what I make, he's usually down to finish it off.

I highly recommend Plated. I have never used any other meal prep subscription box however I would be open to it to write a comparative blog post. Which do you recommend?

With the more Plated boxes I receive, the more free boxes I can gift. If you'd like to receive a box, please comment below and I will reach out.

Side note - I browsed their careers page and it appears they have job openings in Union City, California, the next down over. Interesting. Way to go, East Bay!

Happy cooking!

Tomato & Brie Tart

Zucchini Tomato Pizza

Steak Gyro

Butter Chicken

Chicken Bulgogi


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