Finding Fundraising Events in Alameda

The girls and I had brunch at Habanas Cuban Cuisine (blog post coming!) At the hostess desk, I saw this flyer for a fundraising event on Friday, October 13th, in Oakland. I have been wanting to do more than just my donation to JetBlue's #100x35jetblue campaign. I thought the event would be interesting and fun.



Sunshine, Court Court and I explored Park Avenue of Alameda, California. We walked by new restaurants, old diners like Ollie's, thrift-like stores and more. We stopped into Sumbody & Sumtime Spa and smelled and tested their products, as well as took a mini tour of their spa space for the free gift they were advertising on their window. The gift was a discounted massage. I just might take advantage. I am being charged $70 a month for MassageEnvy. I might as well save $5 and get a new experience. Daisy's is also an adorable store with home goods and cute stationary. I hope Papichulo likes his card.


One Busy Bee appropriate
We found our way down an indoor and well-lit walkway that led us to Aphrodite's Closet, a well-organized consignment shop. Amy, the Owner, was very pleasant and a former Stella & Dot Stylist. I saw the Bamboleo Necklace on display. I can't part with mine. It really helps to start conversations. While chatting, I noticed the flyer for a Susan G. Komen and breast cancer fundraiser with Zumba and live entertainment taking place on Saturday, October 21st in Alameda. It was definitely Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Next door at the lingerie / flower shop location, a flyer for a Latin Night with professional dancers and drinks benefiting Progressive Transition Oakland, helping victims of sexual violence. This event will be taking place on October 20th.

Though I cannot personally attend these events above, and I am not sure if my spontaneous arrival in Puerto Rico to lend a hand would actually help, Papichulo says that I should be 'vigilant and spread the word.' All causes are worthwhile and there are so many people needing assistance. I am doing what I can. Though I think I can do more, let's start here.

I hope non-profits receive plenty of donations, that they are put to good use and these events get some foot traffic. Kudos to shops in Alameda spreading the word! I'm impressed!


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