An Evening in Palo Alto, California

In the Silicon Valley of California, come down to Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University. Friends who want to switch it up on the weekend from going to 'the city' aka San Francisco or staying local such as the country bar called The Saddlerack or the fun downtown Livermore, downtown Palo Alto is a nice option. It has shopping, restaurants and is mainly safe.

Shop the high-end stores at the outdoor mall or by walking down University Avenue. Feel all the 'like butter' things at Restoration Hardware. Don't mind the show-like ready dogs accompanying their owners placing custom orders of leather couches and matching plush robes. Not going to lie, that $3,500 headboard was on sale and a bit tempting. The other store I was ventured in was Letter Perfect, a stationary store with cute cards, notebooks, books, paper gifts and an area for custom invites. I checked in alerting my followers they do wedding invitations.

I had plans to have dinner with my lawyer-friend, Ivan, after a brief appearance at a gathering for Stella & Dot. I didn't want to eat anything heavy. I almost went to the French bakery and purchased a coffee as I have just come from Paris, France. I also almost grabbed at beer at The Taproom. I love cute A-frame signs like the one below. However, in an attempt to not overspend, I found a spot that was offering happy hour. There were many options however I decided to stop into Local Union 271. When dining alone, I prefer to sit at the bar, unless I will have my laptop with me and I need more room, I would then grab a table.

I was greeted by Katie, the Bartender, with a beautiful smile and she asks, 'Your name starts with S, right?' Apparently, I look familiar. I have been getting that quite a bit lately. There's an imposter out there! Don't be fooled! She apologized but there was no need. She highlighted the happy hour offerings including where to find particular items on the menu. Sticking to my 'budget' for this dining experience, I went with the $7 sangria and two chicken tacos, stacked high with cabbage, jalapenos and sides of guacamole and salsa for also $7.

The bar had decor on its shelves, spaced out placement of liquor bottles, a wine dispensing section and I overheard that they replaced Bud Light with Coors Light. No big deal to me! I don't drink that stuff. They also had two large televisions playing the basketball game and the US soccer game. On our last day in Santorini recently, Papichulo was explaining soccer to me. I have never watched an entire game and I was completely ignorant. I sent him a Snap ('bappletree') asking him if he was proud because I was watching soccer. Apparently, he was also watching the same game in his hotel room in Tampa, Florida. I asked my several questions and the game had my complete attention. I did not need my phone to keep me entertained. Papichulo explained the current rankings and what would need to happen for the US to make it to the World Cup. My face and complete devotion to this game must have communicated that I knew more than what I actually did about this sport because a gentleman left his table and asked me how the US was doing. I relayed Papichulo's knowledge to him and I think it made me appear pretty smart. I think I also impressed the doctor that was sitting next to me too because we started talking about sports. In summary, thanks for the televisions and entertainment, Local Union 271.

I had to head over to my next meeting at Gravity Bistro & Wine Bar around the corner to meet with my Stella & Dot upline and I wanted to check out the new holiday collection. Sandy had a long high table on the second floor and the new collection was absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I waited until that event before placing another order to add to my collection. I loved the Constantine Feather Necklace ($149) the best. Of course I do! I naturally have expensive tastes. 'Fancy' is what Papichulo calls me. It's accurate. Other items include pieces from Designer Rebecca Minkoff and they now have a beanie with detachable poufs and inside it says 'Hello Gorgeous.'




I do have to mention that every time I see Sandy, she does a little gasp. I have been a Stylist for six years and am One Busy Bee, as my readers know. To show up at one of these events and being able to put some energy into this business, I think she's always shocked when I do and definitely when I do well. She has been a wonderful mentor, trainer and motivator and someone I call whenever I need inspiration, assistance and guidance. I am thankful for that. I also love the Stella & Dot business. It's fun, flexible and I get to work in fashion and get compliments. I like words of affirmation.

We got into discussions about the business, the pieces, what the trends are but I had to go. She sweetly but firmly asked me "Where are you going?!?" I had to meet with Ivan, a former Law Clerk of mine turned Lawyer and Entrepreneur needing help with his start-up. We were going to catch up and talk business. She understood and said goodbye after a selfie.


I walked over to Zola and waited for Ivan to arrive. Guests were seated at the couple of tables outside and the tall, smart blonde walked in and gave me a hug. He was greeted by the staff and I realized he was 'that' guy, the regular restaurants love to have. He even brought over a bottle of wine for them to decanter before dinner so it was ready to drink. This is a guy that has Tiffany martini glasses! The man is smart, classy and damn, did he used to irritate me. He was that UC Berkeley kid that just wanted to argue with me as the Office Manager and then send me borderline sexual harassment email responses to new guidelines and procedures. It's great to now call him a friend. I was honored to have sworn him in as a lawyer. As a bonus, I am honored to have shared this special bottle of Bordeaux wine with him. I was EIGHT during this vintage. Holy!


As Zola was his regular spot, I told Ivan I wasn't that hungry and allowed him to order dinner. It really is nice when a man can do that. He ordered the delicious ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and summer truffles, an endive and pear salad, the flounder and pork chop. This was a dinner I did not break out my camera and take photos of EXCEPT that bottle of wine. If I have another opportunity, photos will be taken, I promise! The salad was light and for this salad lover, gone in 60 seconds. The flounder was also light with capers and a burre blanc sauce, a classic French sauce of butter, wine and cream and the pork chop was absolutely delicious. I was so full but I continued to eat. I think I could have rolled to my car if I was allowed to.

It was a great night in Palo Alto with old friends and making new ones, and exploring what this city has to offer.



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