2016 Beer Log - March

Continuing to share my exploration of beer, I present you March 2016. A weekend of bad decisions was included so beer consumption was done without a second thought during the last few weeks of the #250KChallenge. 

One day I will finish Whisk(e)y Distilled and move onto The Beer Wench's Guide to Beer. Until then...

We met with Allagash Brewing Company and I had a taste of something. Common occurrence - I don't remember what I was tasting. I really need to use Untappd more.

We left work early to start our vacation to Vegas even though our flight was delayed to 11 pm. We went to Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant in Oakland but killed more time at Cleophus Quealy Beer Company that was located super close to where I usually park my car when traveling from Oakland International Airport. We each has something different. There was a food truck and the spot was busy that Friday night.

And they're dog friendly!

Then we headed off to the airport and waited for Morgan to arrive while we had a pint of Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA and a shot.

Beer was not my choice of poison while in Vegas but DW was participating in Stone Brewing Co.'s IPA Madness during March Madness. We put on a different beer every day that week and featured at $6. I terribly needed to detox after Vegas.

And that detox lasted until the weekend. I met up with someone at The Hop Grenade in Concord, CA across the way from Todos Santos Park. They have outdoor seating, several beers on tap, a long and wide communal near the back and a studio! This is where they broadcast the show, The Brewing Network. Very cool.

Speaking of Twitter, their menu boards also post tweets that mention them and who's here! So check me out on both. I checked in via Swarm and linked it to my Twitter.

The bridge railing was pretty awesome and they have events going on all the time. It's a pretty cool spot.

I had the flight but didn't write down what I selected.

And that's it for March! April...
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