90,000 Hits

Today this blog reached 90,000 hits. Though it's not an astronomical amount, it is on track to its biggest month in three years and I wrote my 400th post yesterday. It was created just for fun but lately I'm looking forward to seeing what can come out of it. I have been inspired by those that travel the globe and eat and drink and be merry and get paid to share it with everyone. My dream job was to be a food critic but events, being social and marketing is what I love! My main goal of this blog is to motivate and inspire people. I have gotten some feedback from other women, and it feels really, really good. It makes me want to continue with it. My write-up on my sister Melyssa Green, @melygreen and Co-Founder of On-Point Machining is now one of my Top 10 posts. The blog is making progress everyday and maybe one day it'll help me get that Hawaii beach house.

#MotivationMonday Indeed

Today has been a good day so far. I also booked DW's first holiday restaurant buyout for December, confirmed three additional events and to kick off SF Earth Week, this was all done by working from home (ahem!) therefore decreasing my carbon footprint and helping to save the planet. Now, to work out and watch the Warriors beat Houston.

Would appreciate your help and support on my blog. Visit, share, comment (often) Thank you! 

This is #25 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.


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