It Felt Like Cheating

I have been a Stella & Dot Stylist for years and love it all! My 6-foot dresser drawer top is full of just their pieces. Through a Stella & Dot holiday party in San Francisco, I met a gal named Megan and her sister. We exchanged info and met up for drinks, laughed our butts off and became good friends. She even worked for me at the law firm I was managing. I left there for greener pastures and she stayed and moved down to LA to work in the small office there.

We ended up video chatting via SnapChat and I said I loved her statement necklace she was wearing. It definitely was not Stella & Dot. She said it was from a company called Rocksbox where they send you pieces on loan and to try and then send them back for other set of pieces. You set up your wish list and could possibly get ones on your wish list in the next delivery. When you first sign up, you get one month free. She sent me a code and I signed up immediately. I haven't purchased a lot of the latest Stella & Dot pieces as I no longer do trunk shows but I also have a hard time parting with many pieces. I love that I have something for everything but Rocksbox would add something different and never before seen on me and in my many photos.

Here how I've worn the pieces I received. It felt a bit like cheating on Stella & Dot. 

By far my favorite piece of the six I received. The Amanda Earrings by Gorjana ($50), paired with Brynn Lariat in gold ($59, also comes in silver) over a black top.

The Elisa Necklace by Kendra Scott ($65) paired with the Linda Earrings by Stella & Dot and a Charter Club sweater. My Wine Director liked this one. Make me an offer on these S&D samples.

Brinley Necklace by Perry Street ($62) with an Express top. More my style of a necklace but it felt too light. 

The Noelle Necklace by Perry Street ($84), paired with one of two studs from the Starburst Ear Jacket earrings ($49) by Stella & Dot and top by Express again. Megan called this 'so Bernadette' because I wear a lot of black and white.

And lastly I had the Pave Triangle Studs by Sophie Harber ($35) and the Follow Your Arrow Cuff by Slate ($44) paired with the retired Demi Bangles and the popular Interlock Cross Necklace by Maya Brenner from Stella & Dot ($59). I believe I wore this to the 'An Act of God' play with Sean Hayes.

I am actually going to cancel my subscription with Rocksbox as discounts on their pieces isn't enough incentive to me. I have never heard of these jewelry designers before and don't know anything about the quality of the pieces or how they are made. Perhaps I'm biased to S&D but I only received one compliment from the pieces I have received. I get one from my S&D pieces almost everyday. Their pieces are handset, designed by Blythe Harris and is a woman owned company. Perhaps Rocksbox can also provide more info like the pieces' inspiration, the detail, the stones, the metals, etc  along with each box about the pieces they are sending. I think that would be more appealing.

What do you think?
Have you tried Rocksbox?
Which jewelry designers do you love?

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