Asian Art Museum - Thursday Nights

As an entrepreneur, I live at DW. I am making an effort to go out and explore my own backyard to be more knowledgeable about my community. However, I don't really like to travel too far and jumping in an Uber seems like a trek for now, plus in heels. The Asian Art Museum kicked off their food tasting series on Thursday nights. April 14th was the first one ever. How cool to be a part of this and support the arts and a fellow neighbor. I did miss the first Thursday of month where they have a cash bar. Maybe another time. But happy 50th birthday, AAM!

I attempted to invite my staff on my dime but no one was available. I ended up going with a friend I met at DW, Danielle. It has been a few months since I have seen her but she has been supportive of our events at DW including our Women Wednesdays. We had a good time.

The Asian Art Museum is walking distance from DW. Beware of the homeless folks that stay by the Bill Graham building. I haven't had any issues so as long as I mind my business, I would hope they would mind theirs.  

The next block has the San Francisco Public Library on your right and City Hall on your left. The next block has the museum. 

The event was $5 and we apparently missed the big presentation. The room on the second floor up the grand staircase had high ceilings and a beautiful chandelier. We didn't know how the event worked so we just got in line and caught up on each other's lives.

The first table has three tastings with different marinade and sauces. The next table had a Ziploc bag of nuts, then someone would scoop a sort of rice into the bag with two scoops of salt. We were making miso. Blend all the ingredients together, store it in the small glass jar in room temperature, date it and it'll be ready to use in six months.

We then walked around the exhibits we did and did not have access to. Apparently our $5 entry fee did not allow us in the golden room. However the room with the maps and old books in cases were accessible to us. We had acres got the second and third floor only. We were just on the second floor for the tasting so we were guided to take the elevator to the third floor.

Majority of the pieces were from China. Danielle feels like this guy in the morning.

I enjoyed the pieces of dogs and jewelry. I loved these guys. Can you tell which one reminded me of Bevo?

As a Stella & Dot Stylist, the jewelry was very interesting to me. The elaborate collar necklaces, heavy statement earrings and the headdresses from Thailand. I want to rock one of those!

The only representation of the Philippines that I saw was this blouse made of palm leaves. It has bell arms and was a style worn by the upper class. We have barong tagalogs. I have never personally been a fan but this piece is something i would wear. Clothes with unique patterns and dimension and textures are in eighth now. Not bad that Filipino fashion was the only thing featured. I don't mind us being know as fashionable. 

And I had to take a picture of this resting Buffalo. It reminded me of Captain.

I was getting hungry and Danielle wasn't to see the bunnies at Civic Center. Then we went to Cadence for a drink and some snacks.

Cadence is a new restaurant that is attached to one of my new favorite spots in The City, Mr. Tipple's.  The space for both spots was going to be the initial home of DW. 

The hostess sat us as the half circle booths that had mosaic glass tiles and a light strip along the edge. The table faced the bar and the rest of the restaurant, leaving Market Steet without attention. The larger tables had tall wooden poles that curved in over the table. It looks to me like you're in a large animals rib cage. The wall with numerous lights along the back wall is very pretty.

You are presented with two menus. The Chef's menu was $55 with a $35 beverage pairing add-on. I wanted the passion fruit panna cotta but didn't need a full meal. Ever since Bodega Bay, passion fruit has been on the brain. I ordered the High Regard and we shared the Arancini balls and the cauliflower. 

Everything was tasty. My cocktail had a flavorful foam on top. The Arancini came with three balls and the cauliflower made me crave Indian food. However, the chili flakes lingered in my mouth and I had to constantly scrape them from the walls of my mouth. Sexy picture, right? Note, they include a 20% gratuity on their bill. Expect great service but I assume the SF Mandate is bundled into that.

We then went back to DW where we had our new Bananas & Cream dessert for $10 and I had our delicious clams. And hung out with Richard a bit while Danielle had a Grenache rose and banged her nuts to get it to mine. Miso in six months! A fun night.

This last pic was taken from the birthday video I was sending to Ben Blaque of The Illusionists. He was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania according to his Snapchats. How ironic that an evil person I know is from there... (See 'I'm Single' post.) it's a good one.

This is #22 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.


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