June Blogging Goals - 2016

First off, THANK YOU!

I have been keeping track of my blog stats and I had an increase in monthly hits by 33% and had the biggest month since October 2013! Progress has been made! If I am consistent, I can continue to grow this blog. It was a lot of work and it proves that although I did not post every day as I did in April, I think I got the word out. Now I see how and why scheduling posts is ideal. Set it and forget it. Not that I have actually scheduled posts on Twitter, but I am exploring the idea. Like the hardworking men on this wine bottle I had the pleasure of tasting in Napa last month, it is indeed a lot of work! It is already the 6th of the month and this is my first post.

But I'm not done! I have to declare my June blogging goals to keep this going.

1) Beat my increase in monthly hits of 33%
2) Write weekly recaps of #BernsFashionChallenge that benefits The Princess Project.
3) Write at least one post about fashion other than #BernsFashionChallenge
4) Schedule, interview and post my next Must Meet Women candidate.
5) Get more LIKES on the One Busy Bee blog Facebook page
6) Connect with at least three new bloggers
7) Distribute blog cards so I can order better ones.

7) Find my cards at Snappy's Cafe in Hayward, California. 978 A Street.

Wish me luck!


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