#StillinIt 2017 - Week 7

Oh, Man, the long weekend of activities made this week very challenging. Week 7 of 8 of this #StillinIt fitness challenge with Bodybuilding.com and Dymatize is not one to be very proud of. Weigh-in on Sunday showed no progress from seven weeks ago but I feel good and am strong. I am looking for more definition and those numbers to move but they aren't budging! My roommate and former personal trainer says that I should be creating a food log. That was one of my goals but I never got in the rhythm. My girlfriend that really got me going on this fitness challenge with her aspirations of entering a fitness competition says she's finding it harder to see changes. She blames age. I think so too because I think I'm pushing myself! I guess I need to push harder.

With Week 8 being the final week of this challenge, I have already made a commitment to keep at this training post-challenge timeline. Summer is here! Who's with me?!?!

Recovering from an amazing night with being front row for the Total Package Tour with BoyzIIMen, Paula Abdul and New Kids on the Block. It was amazing! I made it a cheat day and I was so sore from the day before.


Still exhausted from the weekend and knowing I'm not making any changes in those numbers, I thought I needed to up my cardio. I took Bevo for a long walk and jogged as much as he would allow me. He's one of those dogs that likes to sniff everything. I am constantly saying, 'C'mon, Beeves, c'mon!'

I did enjoy another drink or two via Hooch for #WomenWednesday at Bond Bar in the Mission. No dinner, had an Acai Bowl protein style and almond butter from Project Juice. Delicious!

I attempted to jog again with the Beeves and he was doing well for two days in a row. And I had to do it in my NKOTB shirt. Still high from the concert!

Jogged again and did some squats, fire hydrants and planks with bands from Fit & Thick.

Former Roomie and I went to our first CycleBar class in Berkeley, CA. I chose that place as my fashion designer friend, Sherry Koyama, was going to be there and her clothing line, Harumi K. I will post a new shirt I bought with a slight open back, which means I need to work more on that lower back! Am I right? The CycleBar class was fun and the introductory class was only $10. You sign up online, choose a username to see how you rank in the class on the board, they give you shoes so you can clip into the bike, the instructor tells you what to do, the music is pumping, the lights dim and illuminate and it's a really fun experience. I had a good time and though I remained at the bottom of the leaderboard majority of the class, I think I had a good workout. I thought my right quad was going to burst but I survived. I do recommend it but normally the classes would be $27 individually, or you can buy packs of classes. The more you buy, the more of a discount you get. Unfortunately, the Berkeley location is the closest to me in Hayward. There is a Groupon for 4 classes for $38 but I can't use it as I'd have to be a new customer.

Great workout but felt I need to push even harder after taking measurements this morning. Not fun when you don't see the results you want when you step on that scale. But folks say it's not about the numbers, but how your clothes fit. And they're fitting a lot better! But there's still room to MAJOR improvement. And I want it!

Week 8 goals: - hit the gym hard, maybe even double up the work outs, hit that lower abs, top the Workweek Hustle Challenge via Fitbit and eat better. Will probably do another detox cleanse by Project Juice on Friday before After Pictures and weigh-on on Saturday the 17th. That night I'm going to my niece's birthday party in Davis and have a concert that evening. Photos and weigh-in on Sunday morning will not be a good idea. It'll be sabotage!

Stay tuned for Week 8 recap!

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