#StillInIt 2017 - Week 4

This will be a short post. I was sick majority of the Week 4 of 8 of this Bodybuilding.com #StilInIt Challenge. I started to feel sick starting on Monday.

I slept in and decided to go to the gym to try to sweat it out. I just did cardio on the bike to keep my body moving. I went to work, tried to stick it out but couldn't even make it an hour and I went home. I stopped off at Jamba Juice to get an Orange Dream Machine for some Vitamin D and had Panda Express looking for Hot and Sour Soup but they stopped carrying soup. Instead I went with Orange Chicken, Broccoli & Beef and Chow Mein and Veggies. I then headed home to sleep, relax and watch Chopped with Bevo.

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Tuesday & Wednesday
Stayed home, no workout. Ordered Eat24.

A good friend brought over FOUR canisters of homemade soup and broth. I immediately felt better. The next day, I was OK enough to go to work.

I drove into work to avoid coughing and sneezing and having that gross mucus sniffle on a crowded Bart train. I immediately went to Project Juice for breakfast with their delicious Almond Butter Toast and their Immunity pressed juice with orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger and cayenne. It wasn't bad. I'm just not too fond of ginger.  For lunch, I had DW's Bison Stew. I stayed in that evening obviously but had the last of my friend's soup and read an old Women's Health magazine with my favorite, Christina Aguilera, on the cover. I was getting pumped up to get back to the challenge.

Like my sick defense pack around my bowl?

I took advantage of the weekend off with no plans. I did a little ab and booty work.

It was weigh-in time. I was pleased to know that I didn't lose any muscle mass and I was just half a pound over the best weigh-in of this challenge. Not bad. I did more ab work and push ups. Feeling better, I knew I was going to get back to the challenge and go pretty hard for Week 5. Half way there and have a lot to make up for! I even meal prepped!

Snapchat - 'bappletree'
Breakfast for lunch!
Stay healthy. Clean your house, especially common areas, if you live with a roommate. Take your vitamins, drink a lot of water and try everything to go without a cold. Nobody has time for that!

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