#StillInIt 2017 - Week 5

Week 5 of 8 of this #StillInIt fitness challenge by Bodybuilding.com and Dymatize. I have a lot to make up for. I am definitely not where I want to be after a month of this challenge. I can't say I'll even be in the running to win this contest but at least I feel good. My numbers aren't moving fast enough but I feel good and stronger, especially after being sick the entire time during Week 4. Not fun.

Weight lifted: 1,200 pounds
Fitbit steps: 10,027
Stayed home and worked out with sit-ups, leg tucks, hammer curls, curls and bent over rows. I wasn't feeling 100% and thought I'd continue being courteous and not bring my sickness to the gym.

Weight lifted: 6.000 pounds
Fitbit steps: 9,024
Trying to target more of my lower abs, did burpees, box jumps, squats, hip thrusts, barbell rows, cab drivers and plate curls. It felt so good to be back at the gym.

Nutrishop tank - Team Bay Area.
WednesdayFitbit steps: 7,313
I actually can't remember what I did, nor logged it on Bodyspace. Oops! But I always have my Stella & Dot lanyard on me. See this out and about? Please say hello!

Weight lifted: 6,282 pounds
Fitbit steps: 15,604
Cardio, reverse flies, wide-grip lat pulldown, bent over row, knee/hip raise on and seated barbell twist. Rewarded me with some clearance fitness goodies at 24 Hour Fitness. This cost me $15. Had to get emergency headphone JUST in case I get to the gym and for some reason my Apple headphones are not in my car. I have turned around and worked out at home before. It's a waste of gas and time.

Fitbit steps: 15,534
I apparently didn't log it on Bodyspace. Doh! But I made it in my CaliMuscle tank.

Fitbit steps: 18,681
HIIT and abs with my gym partner, Court Court, before I have my first drinking day in four weeks. I can't believe that I have only had one drink in five weeks. That's a record.

Fitbit steps: 13,197
After a day a fun, I took it easy at the gym and squeezed in thirty minutes of cardio. Hey, better than nothing, right?

There are three weeks left of this challenge and I need to make some moves. I want to be back in the teens in weight and body fat. The pool in my complex has officially opened up and it is going to warmer in no time. Bikini time! Need to get ready and look better than I did in that Yandy.com bikini than I did in Kauai in February. Stay tuned!

Kauai, Hawaii - February 2017

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  1. Keep it going! I'm currently working on losing weight (I've let myself go) but this is pretty motivating. I can't believe you can lift so much weight! Amazing!

    Jen x

  2. Great work! You've got this - keep going!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/


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