The Boston Post - June 2017


Yes, I know I haven't shared some posts of Bevo the Boston Terrier in awhile but here you go! If you're looking to get a dog, Boston Terriers are awesome. Bevo is approaching nine years old and he still has the energy of a young pup. His facial expressions are awesome and he's what I have the joy of coming home to. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I get ready for work in the mirror, I check to see what he's up to, especially when it's very quite. I turned around to see him sitting like this and it made me laugh.

My 26-pound added weight for squats at home.

He couldn't wait to lay his belly on the cold concrete right outside our door after a long walk.

Bevo is not a fan of me watching sports, especially during football season. His ears were back during the games of the NBA Finals. Congratulations, Warriors!

He loves selfies. 
Part of the Starburst Earrings by Stella & Dot shown below.

The Boston Post - February 2017


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