Selfie Day - June 21, 2017

We've all done it. There's even a category and album that Apple automatically puts your selfies in. How many do you have? I currently have 403 on my phone. I'm so vain, right?

Well, don't be ashamed, it's Selfie Day on Wednesday, June 21st. Rock those selfies!

As a Stella & Dot Stylist, it's my job. I make money off of my selfies because I take pictures of how I wear the jewelry I'm selling via social media and possibly during live trunk shows. It's easy. Even with cute dogs. That is Gizmo. My long time buddy, now 14.

I have a few friends that are Roman Fields reps and tomorrow, for every selfie posted via Twitter with no makeup and use the '#RFgonaked' hashtag, one dollar will go to BuildOn. I'm down. Post a pic, unfiltered and give yourself some self love promo of you all natural. You'll be happily surprised how many compliments you'll get. Own it. You're beautiful.

Will you participate? Have fun with it! We do!


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