#StillInIt 2017 - Week 6

Three weeks left of this eight-week #StillInIt fitness challenge by Bodybuilding.com and Dymatize. Here's the recap for the week.

Monday - Holiday
Weight Lifted: 7,160
Abs, Legs & Cardio
Week 6 kicked off with Memorial Day and I was happy to have an extra long gym session. I rewarded myself with breakfast at Emil Villa's near the gym. My non-lazy ass walked over there and thanked a veteran rocking his hat on the way there. Thank you to those that have served our country.

Clearly in motion
Weight Lifted: 3,150
Abs, chest and plank
I worked out at home as I got up late after a nice day off from work. I made myself a protein shake afterwards. I continued my non-drinking streak after an off-site meeting at Samovar Tea Lounge and Happy Hour at Pabu in San Francisco.

MuscleTech & Organics from Safeway
Weight Lifted: 2,250
Abs, Chest
Another workout at home.

Rest Day

I didn't happen to log what I did on Bodyspace but I did make it to the gym. I know that much. See the bunny ears and my Bodybuilding.com tank?

Was a fun training day with Angela and her mom that just moved up from Southern California. I didn't get that great of a work out as I was showing them some moves but I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I'd become a trainer someday? Oh, there are so many things I want to work on!

Abs, Back
I didn't log this workout either but I know I did a lot of back and abs and got to work out with my sister. Meaning, she was in the same room. She did her own moves. Then it was a fun day full of surprises for her 40th birthday. More on that to come!

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in San Jose, CA

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