Emil Villas & Tomadochi - Hayward, CA

A BBQ and sushi joint consisted of my meals on a day of going to the gym and running errands in Hayward, CA. I have my family reunion next weekend in Fallbrook, CA and I had to put the finishing touches on some things. From the gym to Target with a Jamba stop (which has a PokemonGo promotion like us at DW,) I worked up an appetite.

I pass Emil Villa's California Barbeque restaurant every time I go to the gym. It has probably been a good 10 years since I've been there. I also remember meeting a family member of the owners of this spot while hiking .... in Fremont. I joked that breakfast was on her. Apparently she didn't think it was funny. Ok, keep hiking, Missy.

They have ample parking along with a sign that says they are not responsible for theft or damage that occurs in their lot. Pass the neon beer signs in the windows, you'll enter and get hit in the face with some warmth from the kitchen. Like any diner, they have booths, a television playing soccer and a long counter with swivel stools. You know where I sat if you read my post on Orexi in San Francisco.

I was greeted with a menu and I asked for a water. Post gym, I need to stay hydrated. Looking over their many items, I was looking for something unique and out of the ordinary and silly me, I overlooked their house scramble with Jack cheese, sausage and veggies with your choice of sides. I ordered that with hash browns and their house sourdough bread. 

A gent came in and sat to my left, ordered to go. The solo gent to my right had the standard two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. I studied their menu a bit more and read the history of the restaurant as the heat and fumes from the grill across from me began to soak into my hair and clothes. A woman behind the counter was obviously pregnant. Is that safe that she's breathing  all that?

A plate was placed in front of me and it was full. And then it was taken away from me. The same dish belonged to another guest. No big deal. I didn't touch it. When my plate arrived, I was excited. It looks really good even with the very apparent oil around my scramble. I dig in and asked for ketchup and Tobasco for my hash browns. I'm not big on sausage but I'm open minded and ended up picking out the pieces before I asked for a to go box. My favorite part of the fish was the bread. If I could live off of bread and butter and not get fat, I would! I love it when toast is made on a flat surface grill. I ate it all. Except for the crust of course. I just don't like the crunch! I should have asked for the hash browns to be crispy but I failed to do so. It was a $15 breakfast with tip. And part of breakfast the following day.

Errands will leave you hungry and I was not going to cook that evening. It was almost five o'clock and I wanted to eat something healthy. A Mexican restaurant was across the street from Target and I have eaten there before post workout mad got a grilled salmon. But sushi is always a good decision. Even though I have been to Tomadachi several times, I have never took photos or blogged about it. More Hayward offerings content for my blog! Sizzler is located in the same parking lot and Pandora ads promoting their new salad bar was also an option. No, I'd probably just keep ordering their cheese bread. I better not.

I sat at the long sushi bar as usual and pulled out my Whisk(e)y Distilled book. I was almost done with it! The dining room was open with tables for large groups that require you to take off your shoes. The small bar of maybe four seats had the television playing news and not the Olympics surprisingly. I went with my usual roll, the Fire & Ice and a Sunomono. The chef behind the counter was very friendly and took my order when he saw that I was ready. I was presented with edamame and a hot, wet towel to clean off my hands.

My Roll came out just as expected, my Sunomono was beautifully presented and they weren't skimpy with my requested ponzu sauce. I ate everything, including the two slices of watermelon! Well, except for half of the complimentary tray of edamame.

The staff was friendly, the restaurant is kid-friendly and the menu has quite a bit to select from. Enjoy!


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